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    my feature requests


      Buttons in MSOs of course.


      reset the pages to the top after swiping to the next (or at least the over next) articel. it's very annoying and chaotic when you move back and forward through the folio and have all  pages at their last state.


      double-tap instead of single-tap to bring up the menu. should be very easy but is very essential i think. one of the most annoying part, which  we heard from our customers a lot of times, is that the menu pop-ups unintentionally everytime you touch the screen.


      targetable positions in scrollable contents. it would be nice if there were an option to lock the content at specific positions when scrolling (just like swiping from one articel to another).


      – fixed background behind the standard pages (would be similar to the last point.)



      in the folio builder:

      – "update-all articels" button


      – an icon which shows which articels are not updated yet