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    Playmod flag in custom importer


      Hi All,


      I noticed the following note in SDK_Custom_Import.cpp for SDKGetPrefs8 function.


      "Note: the timelineData handle is new, and allows ONLY custom importers

          access to the timeline (dont' use with a synth or standard importer).

          The timeline handle provide the importer with the ability (and the know-how)

          to parse the timeline, searching for the clip with the playmod flag

          indicating it is the currently selected clip. This flag will be set

          when the user double-clicks the custom imported clip on the timeline and

          Premiere calls the importer to modify the file."


      Can any one tell me where "playmod flag" is defined?


      Thanks & Regards,


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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

          Hi Chandan,


          Good eye, you've spotted some outdated comments in that sample project.  That comment also says you can use timelineFuncs->getCurrentClipPos(), which was true at one time, but now that function is no longer supported.  I'll update this comment.  Unfortunately, at this time there is no replacement for getCurrentClipPos(), and there is no flag in the video segment information that provides a flag or unique ID for the custom importer instance, to find the clip in the video segment information.


          Are you writing a custom importer (that references an actual file on disk)?  If so, you can do some work to parse the video segments to find instances of the custom importer in the timeline.  You can find the in and out points of that instance.  The drawback is that if there are multiple instances of the clip in the timeline, it will be difficult to distinguish between various instances.





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            knchandan Level 1

            Hi Zac,


            Thanks for reply. Yes, I'm writing a custom importer. I think I found a way to get the clip information by enumerating timeline segmenst (using SDK_Segment_Utils).  I'm comparing mediapath acquired by 'kVideoSegmentProperty_Media_InstanceString'  property to identify current clip. Not sure if this is the best way, but it works, given that, each clip instance has unique path.




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              knchandan Level 1



              I realized that, video segment is not same as clip. It looks like, PPro creates segments based on clip placements.  Hence, there is a chnace that importer instance (current clip in question) is not cosiderd as a segment by PPro.