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    Flash Media Playback configurator swf file size




      I just start using the Flash Media Playback configurator : http://www.osmf.org/configurator/fmp/ and I am very surprised that the size of the swf file is less than 2KB. The swf file used is http://fpdownload.adobe.com/strobe/FlashMediaPlayback.swf

      How did you compile it to make it so small ? It is based on OSMF ?

      Usually the swf file's size of a flash video player based on OSMF seems to be greater. For example the swf file used on page http://www.osmf.org/ (http://www.osmf.org/strobe1_0/StrobeMediaPlayback.swf) is about 193KB or on page http://osmf.org/dev/1.6gm/setup.html (http://osmf.org/dev/1.6gm/StrobeMediaPlayback.swf) is about 422KB.


      Thanks in advance.