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    Rename a Collage file

    kililio Community Member



      Do you know how to rename a collage file in the application ?



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          Kim Isola Adobe Employee

          Hi kililio,


          In the file organizer (thumbnail) view of Collage, tap the file's name (e.g. Collage-03); this will invoke the keyboard and name field. If you are in edit view (working on a collage), tap the file name in the upper left corner to change to the organizer view, then tap the file's name under its thumbnail.


          Thanks for posting!

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            kililio Community Member

            Hi Kim ,


            I'm sorry but it invokes nothing , i just got a "chek" symbol in the middle of the thumbnail and @ the top right of the screen this symbol I got another options leading to nothing.


            For the second manipulation , when i'm in edit view if I tap the file name as you said it's pulling me back to the file organize, there's no way to rename it.


            Hope these pics will speak for themselves.


            Photo 18-11-11 18 02 24.jpgPhoto 18-11-11 18 02 43.jpg

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              -Subbi Adobe Employee

              Hello Kililio,


              Tapping on the name of the collage (for eg. in your case, tap on the name 'Collage-03') would invoke the rename dialog box.

              Also, if the collage is selected ('chek' symbol ON), try deselecting it first.