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    Filename to IPTC Title, but without extension. (Currently using DAM script)

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      Apologies if this isn't the correct forum to ask this question:


      I am currently using the DAM Filename to Title script with Bridge CS4 - http://www.damuseful.com/pages/PimpMyBridge.html - to get the filename into the IPTC title script. This however puts in the extension into the title field also. So a JPG file named 2000 ends up with 2000.JPG in its Title field. I wish to not have the extension appear in the Title field.


      Is this possible by modifying the DAM script / using any other freely available script.


      In case it helps, this is what the DAM script currently looks like:


      #target bridge

      if ( BridgeTalk.appName = "bridge" )


      //This script copies selected thumbnails' filenames to the title field

      //Also shows how to add menu items

      //The AdobeLibrary scripts must be loaded

      //This script was created by John Beardsworth www.beardsworth.co.uk/ and modified by Peter Krogh www.DAMuseful.com

      //This script may be freely distributed and modified



      // Let's create our menu

          var menu = MenuElement.create( "command", "Write Filename to IPTC Title Field", "at the end of Tools");


          menu.onSelect = function(m)



      var getFolderChildren = true ;

      var filesOnly = true ;

      var thumbs = getBridgeThumbnails ( TYPES.PHOTOSHOP_OPENABLE, getFolderChildren, filesOnly) ;


      for ( var i = 0; i < thumbs.length; i++ )

      { thumb = thumbs[i];


         md = thumb.synchronousMetadata;


         md.namespace ="http://ns.adobe.com/photoshop/1.0/";

         md.Title = thumb.name;



         Window.alert ("Done " + i + " records");





      There are also 3 other Adobe Library scripts that come with the download.


      I know absolutely nothing about scripting, so baby-steps would be appreciated.


      Many thanks.