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    Files Created by external computer are read only on file server!

    mckayk_777 Level 2

      Not an indesign question but have searched and searched but can't find an answer, hoping someone in here has had same problem and know if it can be fixed.



      MacPro running snow lepoard as the file server

      iMac reading and writing files to the Macpro given access to shared files.



      When the iMac saves any file types or creates directories everything the iMac makes on the Macpro system is read only to the Macpro user.


      Only solution so far has been to give the iMac user an admin account on the MacPro then everything they create is not read only.

      This works but its not the best of ideas to have them accessing system files and what have you.


      Is there a way of making the iMac create files that are not read only without getting the server version of osx or giving them admin rights to the Macpro.


      Any idea or suggestions would be great


      Thank you