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    Batch conversion of old Freehand clipart files to AI or EPS?


      I've found several threads about simply opening an old Freehand file into Illustrator, but I am looking for a utility that can convert the entire disk, or at least entire folders at one time. Looks like I have the Freehand 5 and Freehand 7 clipart disks and booklets.


      I have Macromedia MX, along with the CS5 Design Premium suite on this Windows7 system.


      A lot of the clipart from that period looks very similar. I start to wonder if I don't already have the same artwork in other packages.


      I have been copying my clipart CDs to my hard drives and started trying to catalog them. Extensis Portfolio 8.5 appears to be reading AI, EPS, TIF, BMP, JPG, & WMF, but I don't think it is generating preview images for FH5 or even Corel Draw's CDR formats,


      Any help or advice would be appreciated.


      M. Jackson