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    AIR browser is slow to load AJAX app & kills CPU


      We have an AIR app, which mostly provides an AIR browser wrapper for our Web app.  The Web app consists of AJAX and embedded Flash.  The performance difference of the AIR browser versus a typical browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) is huge!  To compare Wep apps performance:

      • Chrome
        • CPU: 30%
        • RAM: 250 MB
        • Page load: 2 seconds

      • AIR Browser:  (Using latest version of AIR runtime) 
        • CPU: >90%
        • RAM: 120 MB   (Why so low?)
        • Page load: 5-10 secons


      How can this be tuned?  Is there a reason that the AIR browser doesn't use as much RAM?  Is there a reason that it's using more CPU?  Are the two related?