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    Host adapters libraries missing from the CS SDK

    MartinRohart Level 1



      I have some extensions built with Flah Builder 4.5 and the CS Extension Builder, that I had to compile via ANT in order to port them to a continuous integration server. (Hudson)

      I used the CS SDK 1.5.0. to do so, it includes all CS libraries (i.e. CSXS, CSAW...) except the host adapter libraries CSAR. (cs_host_adapter.swc and id_host_adapter.swc)


      I had to extract them from the CS Extension Builder JAR files (not easy to find them...) and to add them to the CS SDK in order to compile the extensions successfully.

      Is it supposed to be so, or should they be included in the CS SDK as well?


      In the same fashion, my extensions also uses the Flex theme Creative_Suite_CS5 that installs with the CS Extension Builder. I also had to extract the theme file from the JARs in order to compile the extension via ANT. It would be nice if this theme was also part of the CS SDK.


      Are these artifacts planned to be added to the CS SDK, or will they remain only in the CS Extension Builder?


      Thanks in advance,

      Martin Rohart