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    PAL DVD Plays in XBOX360 & Blu-Ray Player

    DesignCBTs Level 1

      I have a wedding project that involves both NTSC and PAL (Germany).  This is my first experience with PAL.  I exported in both formats (Premiere CS5) and everything seems to work great.  I tried the PAL disc in my XBOX360 and my Insignia Blu-Ray player and it works on both of them?! 


      I need to send the drafts to Germany but I wonder if they're really in PAL format.  The display in Encore's Project Settings seem to indicate that I'm indeed burning in PAL (the "Television Standard" button has a grayed out PAL selection). 


      I'd hate to waste the time and expense of mailing these to Germany if they aren't going to work.  I'd appreciate any knowledge/experience on this topic.