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    Sorenson Squeeze H264 settings for blu-ray?


      I'm trying to create a blu-ray in encore, and when importing an H264 using squeeze's blu-ray preset, encore wants to reencode.  However, a blu-ray mpeg2 created from squeeze's presets works fine with encore.  I'm not able to have Adobe Media Encoder installed on the computer that I am encoding from.  Any advice?  Here are the settings:


      Mainconcept H.264

      2pass vbr

      1080i 29.97

      25,000 Kbps

      constrain at 30,000 Kbps


      level 4.1

      high AVC profile


      top field first

      CABAC encoding entropy mode


      key frames every 300 frames

      auto key frame on scene change (50)


      use b-pictures 3

      use b-slices as reference (unchecked)

      multiple slices (0)

      reference frames (2)