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    Plans for alchemy - 11.2 deactivates opcode with no upgrade option?

    rob.bateman Community Member

      Today i read this tweet from Nicolas Canasse, author and founder of the HaXe language:




      Is this correct? Does the existing alchemy no longer work in 11.2, and is this a planned update for release?


      Its not that I thought this day would never come, quite the opposite actually. I was looking forward to the new alchemy enhancements and when we'd be able to read more about them. But there has been nothing more so far from Adobe on what is being released and when - and the prospect of having no alchemy options at all for a time feels like an incredible dumb move from adobe as it


      a) alienate communities producing alchemy-based libraries that offer features available nowhere else in flash.


      b) alienate potential paying customers of alchemy who would be happy to upgrade to the new paid-license model, if only there were an upgrade available



      just one question - is it intentional?