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    Appear after all buttons clicked

    Kristian C

      OK, I have a relatively easy question for you guys. I have a slide with four persistent buttons on it and I want a link to the next slide to appear after the four buttons have been clicked. What confuses me, however, is that I'm not sure where to put the "Advance to Next Slide" button on the timeline.


      I'm assuing that the problem is that I have all the buttons set to pause at the same time, but I'm not sure what the alternative would be.


      I've attached pictures of my slide and timeline below. Any feedback you could give me would be much appreciated. Thanks.



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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Is there a sequence imposed for clicking the buttons? And what do you want those buttons to do? Can the user click multiple times on each button?


          In your present situation, clicking one button will release the playhead and it will continue till the end of the slide.


          If the sequence is imposed, you could stagger the button timelines, so that the pausing point (between active and inactive part) is earlier for the first button, bit later for the second etc. In that case you can use the present setup for the button: make it appear just after the pausing point of the last button to be clicked.


          If the sequence is not imposed you'll have to use advanced actions? I'll explain when you have answered my questions.



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            Hi Walter,


            One idea would be to put a conditional action on each of the coloured buttons that:


            a) counts each button clicked and

            b) when 4 buttons have been clicked it shows the next page button.


            Just to show Lilylibiri that I was listening yesterday you could set it up like the interaction she explained here:



            But instead of attaching the Advanced Actionss to click boxes you are attaching them to buttons.


            You need to create a variable that will count how many buttons have been clicked. (v_counter)

            Each action should be a conditional action with 2 decisions


            First one:


            1 is equal to 1


            v_counter = v_counter + 1


            Second one:


            v_counter = 4


            show button


            Your next button should be marked invisible and should appear on your time line at the beginning and run for the rest of the slide, just like everything else. It will only show up after the 4th button is clicked, though.


            That's one way of doing it. I'm sure others have other ideas!

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              Kristian C Level 1

              Hi Lilylibiri,


              Thank you for responding to my question so promptly. The idea is that users can click the buttons in any order and as many times as they like. Whenever a button is clicked, information is displayed in the box above the button.


              My preference would be not to impose a sequence and use an advanced interaction. I'm just a little unclear about how I would do that.

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                Kristian C Level 1



                I think this might be exactly the explanation I was looking for. Let me give it a shot and then I'll get back to you.

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                  Noellet Level 1

                  Well you can thank LilyLibiri if it works, I learned it from her yesterday!

                  I made a model of it--let me know if you need to see it.

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                    Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    OK Walter, then you really need advanced actions for the buttons. Noellet gave some ideas but it will not work if the user can click multiple times on each button, sorry Noellet. I will try to explain why: in your scenario the Next button will also appear if the user clicked four times on the same button


                    Walter, you need to create one user variable for each button, I will label them v_one, v_two, v_three, v_four.  You do not need to give those variables a start value at all. They will be set to 1, when the corresponding button is clicked the first time. You will need a conditional advanced action for each button, and as Noellet correctly pointed out, the 'Next' button has to be initially invisible.


                    Each conditional advanced action will have to do several things, showing the text caption and hiding all other text captions, set the value of its variable to 1, check the value of all the user variables and if they are all=1 the next button will be made visible. Easiest way will be to create indeed a counter variable as well v_counter.


                    Would use 2 decisions: first will be a mimick of a standard action, second will be a really conditional action. For the first button, where the Text Caption is TC1 this will be:

                    First decision: IF 1 = 1     (will always be true, so THEN actions will always be executed

                                        THEN      Show TC1

                                                       Hide TC2

                                                       Hide TC3

                                                       Hide TC4

                                                       Assign v_one with 1

                                                       Expression v_counter = v_one + v_two

                                                       Expression v_counter = v_counter + v_three

                                                       Expression v_counter = v_counter + v_four                    need 3 expressions to calculate v_counter

                                                       Assign rdcmndGotoFrame with rdinfoCurrentFrame      to rewind the playhead


                    Second decision  IF v_counter = 4

                                             THEN  Show BtNext      shows the Next button

                                             ELSE  Continue


                    Did not try it out, let me know if it works, logic is OK









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                      Kristian C Level 1

                      Holy smokes! Thank you so much for such a detailed answer. That's great. I'll test it out and let you know how it works.

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                        Noellet Level 1

                        And now this will help me too! I'll also try it out and see if I can get it to work.


                        Thanks so much.

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                          Kristian C Level 1

                          Yup, it works. I changed it a little bit and instead of using the v_counter, I just made the 2nd decision:



                               v_one = 1 AND

                               v_two = 1 AND

                               v_three = 1 AND

                               v_four = 1



                               Show Next Button


                          I also removed the ELSE statement, as I wasn't sure what it was doing.



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                            Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                            The Else statement Continue makes sure that  the playhead doesn`t stop. In a conditional action it is not always necessary.

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                              Kristian C Level 1

                              Oh, that makes sense.