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    Captivate and flash player info


      Hi Guys


      Just finished a HUGE project in cappy, but I'm getting some odd feedback from learners, can anyone help


      First some users say that the bottom of the stage is cut off in their browser its 1024x768 it seems to be ie but noticed it in safari too, I can't imagine why this would be

      I have checked resolutions of the offening screens and they are running at a high display rate as most pcs and macs do these days. Most screens its perfect.


      Second  I set the flash player to version 9, what would happen to captivate swf running from the published htm if a learner didn't have flash installed?

      I havent found a pc without flash to check with certainty, I think it should put up a message, but has anyone exact info so i can look like i know what i'm talking about


      thanks guys


      fingers crossed you can help me, its a bit urgent so any crumbs of comfort and joy would be great!




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          RodWard Mythic

          If a learner didn't have Flash Player installed they would not be seeing any content, but most likely it would open up the Adobe Flash download page and ask them to install it.


          If you captured your project at 1024 x 768, did you make sure that all users were running AT LEAST higher than this? If not, you will find that browser toolbars etc will mean some cannot see all of your content.


          Did you by any chance set the course to open in a separate window at a specific width and height that you calculated to be just right to show the content?


          If so, then what you may be running into is the fact that some users have browsers set to show the address bar and/or status bar which is taking some extra screen real estate and cutting off part of your available height.  This is often the case with browsers set for anti-phishing security settings.

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            kipper_bottle_num Newcomer

            hi Rod,


            thanks for answer


            I have checked the pop up window and I made it bigger right at the beginning its 1050 x 900 on most pcs theres a white border, so that shouldn't  be the cause the issue

            so why im getting errors with some browers (ie in windows) is a mystery to me.


            I notice this clipping of the swf still happens in ie when running just the htm file produced by Captivate rather then the swf on a normal server. (i need to run the htm as in ie9 the preloader doesn't show unless the captivate swf is running from a htm)


            is there a better htm/js template we can use with captivate?





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              Steve Howard, ACP Pioneer

              You need to get screen shots from the complaining users, that way you can

              see the pixel size of the screens yourself.


              I've run into similar issues. Users are getting hold of laptops with

              'weird' screen resolutions like 1366x768 an a myriad of other oddities. You

              just cannot predict what size a screen will be these days, as laptop and

              screen manufacturers seem bent in inventing new resolutions all the time. I

              long-ago worked around strange and unpredictable screen resolutions by

              setting Captivate content to play 100% (fit to the window) instead of exact

              pixel sizes. You can do that by editing the Captivate html files.



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                kipper_bottle_num Newcomer

                thanks Steve


                can you point me to some markup I can use.

                it would be

                greatly appreciated



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                  Steve Howard, ACP Pioneer

                  You found the html files, right? Towards the bottom in each one, you can

                  find the swf file code. Just change the reference for the size from width =

                  1050, height = 900 to width = 100%, height = 100%




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                    kipper_bottle_num Newcomer

                    thanks steve


                    adding this makes firefox go nuts with a tiny image

                    i have added this in the html that captiavtes produces below and added the 100% in the correct place

                    is there anyway round this, its getting to be a major problem for me

                    i just want to play cappy back in firefox and ie at 100%

                    in fact adding this seems to blat IE

                    andy help would be great.

                    worked so hard on this project and client is now  getting edgy


                    regards KBN




                    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

                    <title>Captivate File</title>

                    <script src="standard.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

                    <style type="text/css"> html, body, #CaptivateContent { height:100%; }

                    body { text-align:center; margin:0; padding:0; overflow:hidden; } 
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                      kipper_bottle_num Newcomer

                      odd scaling caused by drag and drop widget

                      took it out and all works perfectly




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                        RodWard Mythic

                        What version is your Drag and Drop widget?

                        This scaling issue has been fixed in all recent versions for months now.

                        You should log back into www.infosemantics.com.au and download your free update widget...as long as you are the original purchaser of the widget.

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