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    Adobe Premier 10 - Online Services encountered an error.

    Dave Kimball Level 1



      For about 4 or 5 days I have been able to Share to Facebook my little videos Via the Online Facebook built into Premier 10.

      After some permission problems things started working and I was able to post a couple of video that I made

      directly out of premier over a period of several days.


      Today when I tried to post an error was returned "Online Services encountered an error. . . . . "


      I had not even re-booted my system nothing had changed.  I have tried to post a video that I had

      already posted, same error.  Went to facebook and removed permissions for Adobe to access my

      account, thinking that maybe this would cause a re-set of some kind, but alas no, same error.


      If I try to post to you tube the program gets to a user name password screen, but I don't have an account there.


      Shut down by firewall, but same error.


      Anyone have any ideas.


      Is there a format that I can produce and then manualy upload that would work as well?