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    Problem with Myriad Pro and Office 2010




      we have a strange problem one a few of our computers. we recently upgraded a few computers to Windows 7 with Office 2010.


      On those computers, when they create a new, or edit an existing document with Myriad pro as font and put in a Watermark, all the text gets compressed on one big pile of letters.

      when you increade/decrease the size of the font (default is 11) all the text comes back normal. Not thet font size 11 only has an issue. for example. when you create a document with Myriad Pro size 10 and put in a watermark, the same problem occurs. increasing the font to 11 will get the text back to normal.



      the computers with the issue are all Windows 7 and run Office 2010. i tried it on a non and fully patched Word 2010. both have the issue. i also tried a handfull of other Fonts but none of them have the same issue.

      also tried it on my own windows 7 office2010 laptop which doesnt run any of their software/plugin's and different anti-virus software. result is the same.


      Does anyone have an idea or perhaps the same problem?


      Kind regards,



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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee



          How are ou applying a watermark to a Word document. I am not aware of any native facility within Word that provides explicitly for a watermark. Is this something you are applying through a print driver or a third party plug-in? Are you applying a watermark in a PDF you've already made from the Word document.


          A little more information and perhaps we can begin to help you out.


                    - Dov

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            LeonBoers Level 1

            Hi Dov,


            There is a native function to enter a watermark in Word. In Office 2010 it is on the Page-layout Tab. illustrated here --> http://www.trickyways.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/click-on-page-layout-and-then-waterma rk.gif


            So i also tested it on a Windows 7 with Office 2007. when inserting a watermark the text stays the way it should. So it is probably an issue betweeen Myriad Pro in combination with Office 2010.


            Here is how i can reproduce the issue. I create a completely new word document, insert a short line of text with the font Myriad Pro. go to the Page-layout tab and insert the watermark "urgent 2" (same happends with other watermarks).


            in this image i inserted the test "Dit is een test". the result is:


            The same happends when the text is, bold and/or italic.





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              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

              OK, thanks for the further information.


              Yes, I can reproduce this. I also tried this same construct with other applications with Myriad Pro 11pt with equivalents to Microsoft's “watermark” feature (implemented as translucent outlined type - i.e., a non-opaque polygon - overlaying the text).


              There is nothing in the font itself that is point size-dependent.


              Given that we cannot reproduce this issue with other applications and you cannot reproduce it with other Word versions, the variable appears to be Word 2010. I would suggest that you report the issue to Microsoft and see if they are aware of the issue and of any fix.


                        - Dov