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    Duplicate command is not working for custom importer

    knchandan Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am working on a custom importer plugin. Basic features are working fine, but, I'm facing an issue with Duplicate functionality.


      I added a new custom importer clip to project and created a duplicate of that clip (by right clicking the clip in Project window and selecting Duplicate from pop-up menu). Then I added both clip instances to timeline. Now, if I change properties of one clip instance it reflects in both clips. I noticed that both ClipIds are same and they are referring to same media path. I also observed the same behavior in SDK_Custom_importer sample. But, built in 'Color Matte' and 'Title' clips works fine.


      As per my understanding, Duplicate command should create a new clip from existing clip and new clip should be independent of original clip after creation.


      How to fix this issue? Is there any selector that I should handle to support Duplicate functionality?


      Thanks & Regards,