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    How to save/retrive custom properties to a PageItem

    Hoang_Huynh Level 1

      Hello community, have any of you succeeded in saving custom properties/data to a PageItem? I try to save my own properties to a PageItem using its property named properties. Setting properties seems to work but getting doesn't. This is my code (ActionScript 3.0):


      var app:Application = InDesign.app;

      var page:Page = app.activeDocument.pages.item(0);

      var items:Array = page.allPageItems as Array;


      // my properties

      var myPropertyArray:Object = {fname:"John", lname:"Lennon"};


      // set properties to first item of page

      items[0].properties = myPropertyArray; // this works


      // now get

      var props:Object = items[0].properties; // Error: In wrapReturnedHostObject(), attempted invalid wrap: com.adobe.indesign::Enumerator returned as Object


      I read on this forum that this is a bug of CSAWLib. If so, is there any other way to save my custom properties to an InDesign document?




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          Marc Autret Level 5

          Hi Hoang,


          I'm afraid your code:


          items[0].properties = customObject;


          only *seems* to work, but actually does not. The properties property is a special command that only deals with native, valid, properties of a DOM object. Used as a setter, it simply ignores non-native keys. Used as a getter, it simply returns available properties. More generally, given a page item—say myRectangle— any statement such as myRectangle.myCustomProperty = "foobar" will cause an error ("Invalid property or method", or whatever) because you cannot extend DOM object instances. They all are command wrappers (=specifiers) and don't work as regular JS objects.


          Anyway, you can extend the methods of DOM object prototypes, e.g.:


          Rectangle.prototype.myCustomMethod = function(){ return this.label;};


          When you do that, keep in mind that a Rectangle object instance can reflect several actual InDesign rectangles. For example, myDoc.rectangles.everyItem() is seen as a Rectangle (in terms of cast).


          IMHO, the right way to attach custom properties to DOM components is to use insertLabel() / extractLabel() with serialized objects.





          EDIT: The CSAWLib bug you mention is not connected to the problem of setting custom properties.

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            Hoang_Huynh Level 1

            Thank you so much Marc!


            Your answer explains clearly what I just need. Using insertLabel() / extractLabel() with serialized objects is a good way to store custom data in a PageItem.