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    Error 2032 when running the demo

    fxlevy Community Member

      Hi, i tried to implement the demo using the demo video and the getting starting document.

      First remark, the video is just fine and you can reproduce what was shown.

      But the "flashbuilder_sap_gettingstarted.pdf" docuement is wrong, there is an inconsistency. At the begining the docuement talks about the DEMO_FLIGHT (which is the one used in the video) but after that the screenshots show a serviceREPORTING. This is inconsistent. Hopefully the video of course is correct.


      Anyway this is not the question but i think Adobe should correct this document.


      When i implemented the demo and run the application, i allways have a #2032 error.

      After a few search and the use of a http sniffing apllication, i found that the called URL was:


      http://gw.esworkplace.sap.com/sap/opu/sdata/sap/DEMO_FLIGHT/z_demo_flightCollection?sap-cl ient=800


      The answer is 401 Bad request.


      When i launch this URL directly in the browser, i've got the following response:


      BC_IBF/001Errors occurred


      Where is the problem?


      Does it come from the Flex application which laucnh a wrong URL or from the SAP NetWeaver Gateway?


      Any help will be very nice.


      PS: Just to finish the generic user GW@ESW is locked in the SAP Netweaver gateway server, so you can't connect anymore to this server with this user.

      In place registrer to the SAP SDN website and request for your user to be added to this Gateway server following the procedure and it will be OK.