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    No audio on Macs when playing Flash lectures created using Presenter

    jjulien2 Level 1

      My department creates lectures using Presenter 6 and add mp3 files so that it plays the lectures and audio simultaneously. For the past several months, students who use macs have been reporting problems playing audio. When they open the lecture, the "No Audio" message appears in the navigation bar. We've come to find out that this occurs mainly for 3 reasons:


      • Students need to update to the latest version of Flash Player especially if they have the Lion OS.
      • Students need to switch from a firewall restricted wireless connection to a wired connection.
      • Students are experiencing this problem on a Mac while using a USB headset.


      We have not been able to find a solution to the 3rd problem and I haven't seen anyone post it in the forum. Has anyone ever experienced this problem and know if it's related to Flash or the Mac audio drivers and if there's a fix for it? We require students to use USB headsets.


      A more recent problem has come up that may be related to the USB headset problem. Lion OS users are getting the same "No Audio" message even without using a USB headset. They also have to refresh a couple of times in order for the audio to start playing.


      I've had an Adobe rep remote to my mac to see the problem, however I wasn't able to replicate it because she had me share my desktop using Adobe Connect. Once the session ended, the problem returned. Here's a link to a .swf of one of our lecture files:

      Screen shot 2011-11-18 at 1.20.42 PM.png




      I've also attached a screenshot of the what we see while the lecture plays.