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    Naming R3d Files in Premier + Timeline Settings for 4K plus archival HD and SD footage


      We recently made the switch over to Premier and are beginning post on our first 4k 16x9 project.  Very exciting to be editing with the raw r3d files, our one concern is that naming the files (it is a feature doc with a lot of footage) in premier will break the link to the orginal file once we export via xml to resolve for the online as well as to go back to color correct in Red CineX.  Is this correct or comepletely misguided.  My gut says that naming the files in premier is just adding to the metadata associated with the clip and the export should be fine.  Can you please set me straight?


      We are also going to be adding archival footage from 1080 to SD with varied frame rates.  The bulk of the footage is shot at 4k 16x9 at 23.98.  What would you recommend our timeline setting be set at? Ultimately we will be exporting at 1080, but ideally want to keep the timeline as high res as possible for future export at higher resolutions.


      Thank you for your help and guidance!



      Travis Rummel

      felt soul media