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    rmftp stream in air application


      I tried to use the source from http://forums.adobe.com/message/4002160#4002160 by andrian, and got the dynamic version to play, which worked fine exept that the stage video is not working (The VideoInfoOverlay tells me so). Whats the benefit of using the static version anyways?


      i'm using a sdk mix from 4.5.1 and air 3.0 as seen from http://blogs.cynergysystems.com/2011/09/20/creating-a-custom-flex-4-5- sdk-to-target-flash-11-and-air-3/ and the latest osmf 1.6 version.. 



      i am using an rtmfp stream, which works fine and as it should when i test it in the setup.html, where it shows that hardware video rendering is active and stagevideo is available


      also set the

      OSMFSettings.enableStageVideo = true;


      and tried it for the player with

      playerInstance.configuration.enableStageVideo = true;


      which didn't seem to work.

      what am i missing? help would be very appreciated


      my flash player version is 11.0.1, so thats not the reason

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          obirocks Level 1

          thats the source, i just deleted the stream source and groupspec, since i know that the stream works..


          _stage = systemManager.stage;

                          _stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT;

                          _parameters  =                




                                  streamName: "stream",

                                  groupspec: "",


                                  controlBarAutoHide: false,

                                  autoPlay: true,

                                  showVideoInfoOverlayOnStartUp: true,

                                  allowFullScreen: true,

                                  wmode: "direct"



                          //var playerInstance:Object = new playerClass();

                          var playerInstance:StrobeMediaPlayback = new StrobeMediaPlayback();

                          playerInstance.initialize(_parameters, _stage, systemManager.loaderInfo, null);

                          playerInstance.configuration.enableStageVideo = true;

                          OSMFSettings.enableStageVideo = true;


                          var ui:UIComponent = new UIComponent();   

                          ui.addChild(playerInstance as DisplayObject);


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            obirocks Level 1

            Continuing my trials i was hoping that maybe another example would help me solving the problem with the stagevideo.. so i went to the osmf svn page and got myself another air example from http://sourceforge.net/adobe/osmf/svn/2414/tree/osmf/trunk/player/ and finally got it working with my rtmfp stream.. but still i got the same result, no hardware video rendering..

            stagevideo is apparently supported with my version (traced it).. but my stream won't "add" itself to stagevideo..

            now i did some changes in order to adress flash player 11 in the osmf source.. i set the compile options for the osmf Library (and compiled it anew) AND my project to

            -define CONFIG::FLASH_11_0 true

            -define CONFIG::LOGGING false

            -swf-version 13


            to get h264 support and hardware accelerated video playback for mobile devices from air 3.0 and flash player 11.


            also i rewrote all the CONFIG::FLASH_10_1 from the osmf library to CONFIG::FLASH_11_0 to work with my compiler options..


            am i making a big mistake there??


            so again.. i get the video and all but the Hardware video rendering ain't working.. so i have a lot of drop frames and worse quality then on the setup.html where my stream apparently works with stagevideo..


            also read somewhere that i have to put <renderMode>gpu</renderMode> in the ..app.xml  --> no effect whatsoever

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              is the source of the strem you are recieveing h.264 or published via a flash based client with sorenson? or vp6?

              You wont likely get full hardware acceleration unless its H.264. If it is h.264 which profile and level are you using.