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      I am using Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit with Flash Player v11.01 (the latest)


      Using Internet Exporer 9 I get no sound on Utube and most other web pages.  (not all, for some reason).


      I have just installed v11 of Flashplayer which does not cure it. I have run the online diagnostics (Fixit) with Micorosoft.


      I play music, off-line videos and games with no problems.


      Can anyone help me with this? I'll be eternally grateful...!


      TIA for any input



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          Im searching for the same answer. Im having a hard time starting a discussion thread I am new to this. How do I start a discussion thread?

          Im running a flash player Windows 7, 32 bit, Flash Player 11, When I play T.V. Shows or Movies, The music plays but there is no voice.