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    Why does Flash Player prompt me to install an incompatible version on Mac?

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      Users of OS X 10.5 and 10.4 have noticed that with the release of Flash Player 11, the auto update mechanism will prompt them that an update is available.  While this is typically normal behavior when an update occurs, in this case Flash Player 11 does not support 10.4 and 10.5.   So, why is the updater telling them to update?


      Unfortunately, our current auto update mechanism isn't able to determine if a new update is compatible with the current OS version.  We are aware that this isn't optimal, but we did add in logic to help minimize the noise.  Here's what will happen.


      1. A user of an unsupported OS will get a notification that a new update is available
      2. They'll download the update and attempt to install
      3. The installer will notice that the OS is not supported and will:
        1. Alert the user with an error telling them that the OS is unsupported
        2. Set a flag telling the update mechanism to stop checking for future updates


      So while you'll get one update notification, once the installer tells the auto update mechanism to stop you shouldn't see any more.