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    Changing the color of a check mark of a checkbox when rendered as static PDF

    Clookes Level 1



      I am not sure if it's possible, but I am having trouble changing the check mark color of a checkbox in a static PDF.  It works fine if the PDF is dynamic, but it craps out when the PDF is static.


      Is there a workaround?  I don't have to change it dynamically based on user interaction, the client just wants a blue checkmark in a static PDF.  Anyone having the same issue?


                var vName = this.somExpression;

                var fieldObj = xfa.resolveNode(vName + ".ui.#checkButton");

                // set up a variable to deal with the tick colour

                var myTick = event.target.getField(this.somExpression);

                myTick.textColor = color.blue;

                fieldObj.mark = "check";


      This works when rendered as a Dynamic PDF, but myTick is always null when rendered as Static PDF