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    "Exclusive Complimentary Benefit?"  REALLY?


        What is a person supposed to do when, after spending 1 hour and 26 minutes online with a Chat Support representative in India, he is required to YELL (by using upper case letters) at the "technician" to obtain a supervisor who better understands English?


        I was required to do this, ADOBE, because the e-mail you sent me (copy below) would not send me to the correct place to obtain my so-called "exclusive complimentary benefit."  When I clicked on the "Get started" link button, I was sent to "My Information" under "My Account," which I had completed several years ago.  Even after I changed some minute piece of information and saved it, I was not directed to a place in which I could learn what "reward" ("from unique fonts to training to exclusive offers") were available.


        This is a heck of a way to treat a heretofore enthusiastic user of Acrobat, with incompetent support, and disjointed programming!


        Mark Me Angry!



      CONTENTS OF E-MAIL FROM adobe@adobeinfo.com :

      Claim your Adobe reward today.

      Being a customer comes with benefits - claim yours today

      Thank you for purchasing Adobe® Acrobat® X Pro software. You are now eligible to claim an exclusive complimentary benefit, ranging from unique fonts to training to exclusive offers on Adobe products.* You can also complete your Adobe ID profile, which will help us deliver news and information that is most important to you. Click below to claim what's yours.


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          Preran Adobe Employee



          Check out this link and see if it helps you.


          How do I claim my complimentary registration benefits (http://www.adobe.com/support/registrationfaq.html#d)

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            RFKennard Level 1



            Thank you for your reply.  I apologize for my wordy comments below.  I am patiently trying to obtain what Adobe offers with their "Complimentary Benefit (hereinafter called 'CB')."


            I selected the link you suggested.  I went to the "Complimentary Registration Benefit Questions." 


            1.  The first question was, "How do I claim my complimentary registration benefits?"  It stated, "...you will be prompted within your product or in a confirmation e-mail to claim your registration benefit."  I was not prompted within my product, but I received a confirmation e-mail.  In the e-mail, I selected the "Get started" button, which sends me to My Information at https://www.adobe.com/account/account-information.edu.html .  Several years ago, I had already set up my account with Adobe, so this link was ZERO help and offered additional link to find my CB.

            Bottom line, it does not provide me any links or instructions to obtain my CB.

            2.  Further down, is a question, "Which Adobe software products qualify for a complimentary registration benefit? What are the benefits? ... For a list of possible benefits, click on the link corresponding to the product family:
            • Acrobat X complimentary benefits...," which when clicked on, sends me to http://www.adobe.com/support/registrationfaq.html and offers, "Complimentary registration benefit questions," which sends me in a complete circle back to where you suggested I go at the onset.


            To a long-time customer, this "roundabout treatment" is making me very frustrated.  Someone either needs to send me the correct link or e-mail me the CB file(s).  Also EVERY United States English-speaking customer deserves to correspond with someone who is well versed in our language, customs, and culture and who has the humility to admit when he/she does not have the answer and will refer me to someone who does...


            Thanks Again!

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              I am having a similar problem.  According to the following FAQ item, I should be able to claim my benefit.


              Do I need to complete my profile to get the complimentary benefit?

              No. The complimentary registration benefit is available to you regardless of any profile information you provide. If you prefer to only claim your benefit on the profile page, simply scroll down and click on the ‘claim benefit’ link.


              This link, however, does not exist.  Please fix this issue, or make it more clear to EVERYONE viewing this forum how to claim the exclusive complimentary benefit.

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                Jeri H Adobe Employee

                RFKennard and jafftownusa, I'm having someone contact you at the email addresses associated with your profiles so we can get you your registration benefits. In the meantime, we're working on getting the registration page working--looks like a system glitch on our end, so thank you for contacting us and letting us know about the issue.

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                  you are a reealy lucky guy .  You lost just an hour of your time.



                  I have lost a week. First with local "support team" and "reseller" and now 3 hours in explaing in adobe chat support what I need. One supporter, Amit, after all told me he sent me an email with "benefit" link. After 5 mins I have said that I recieved no mail from him, he said I should wait...


                  After an hour I  have contacted "chat support", sent transcripts, explained the problem (god is that annoying) and after all they told me to call the local people in my country I have already called.



                  THAT IS A LOOP !!! Wish it to your worst enemy.



                  Alternatively the other "chat" supporter told me I can call overseas Nr. 800-something to spend my sallary in , I am sure, making me a poor fool.



                  And I just wanted to spend some money to ADOBE to get this "Adobe Text" OR "adobe text pro" (they do not care how they call it but also do not know if it is the same one, is it a package or...).



                  Personally, I will never buy something more from adobe. This time I spent was more expensive then any money I wanted to use for purchases. Since the support stucks at the begining of using something or even before.

                  Regarding fonts... other producers and me will have better relationship. Worse than this no other can be.



                  PS. Who knows why is the same loop problem still there. Nobody gets excited. Nobody reacts, copies, understands, cares...

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                    Jeri H Adobe Employee

                    Idetenak, I'm haivng someone contact you at the email address associated with your profile so we can get you your benefit. -j

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                      Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                      We have another thread on this topic already at http://forums.adobe.com/message/4394429#4394429.  Due to the nature of the automatic registration for Creative Suite 6 there is not a Product Registration Incentive Offer available.


                      RFKennard, Jafftownusa, Idetenak, please feel free to send me a private message with your contact details and a reference to this thread if you would like to discuss the situation in additional detail.

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                        Idetenak Level 1

                        Hi Jerry and Jeff (and all that can contribute),


                        I am sorry to be maybe a bit unpatient, but another week is aproaching to its end.


                        I will post publicly what I wrote to Jerry. Maybe the private mail was not recieved or there are some other reasons for a long time.



                        My inquiry is regarding the reg. incentive/benefit for Acrobat X.

                        There are uncertainties about what it is this since the page http://www.adobe.com/support/registrationfaq.html# in its section "Which Adobe software products qualify for a complimentary registration benefit? What are the benefits? ", (when one expands it) has a link under the "Acrobat X complimentary benefits " which is bad - leads to the local loop (the same page where the link resides).



                        On the other side, there are hints (found accidentally) like http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/928/cpsid_92859/attachments/PRIO_Benefit_Options.pdf , which state that the "adobe text pro" is an incentive or benefit of having/registering Acrobat X.


                        My local reseller, people in Adobe which he is having a correspondence  and me are not sure if it is true/provided for sure, that if I do an upgrade and register Acrobat X, I will be provided with the font download.


                        Hopefully you understand the problem and its solution. It is a simple question like " Will I get the font "adobe text" aka "adobe text pro" if I do an Acrobat X upgrade and register it (for benefits/incentives)."


                        Hope I'll get an answer this week.



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                          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                          Idetenak I am planning on updating the thread at http://forums.adobe.com/thread/981369 once the message to claim your exclusive offer has been removed.  Presently there are no plans to offer a Product registration incentive offer for the Creative Suite 6 applications and suites.  If you obtained Acrobat 10 through the purchase of Creative Suite 6 it is considered a sub-product of the Creative Suite and is not applicable for the Product registration incentive offer.


                          If you wish to purchase a license for Acrobat 10 then you would qualify for the Product registration offer for Acrobat 10.

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                            Idetenak Level 1

                            Hi Jeff,


                            Yes my acrobat 8/9 licenses are bought appart from CS suites, so yes I want to upgrade them to Acrobat X if "'adobe text pro" is an incentive/benefit/"product registration" offer for Acrobat 10 license purchase.


                            I just want you/someone from Adobe to tell me if the"'adobe text pro" is a part of the incentive/benefit/product registration offer for Acrobat 10 because my local dealer cannot tell me that.


                            Or, can you give me a link to see what is the Product registration offer for Acrobat 10?



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                              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                              Yes the Adobe Text font is available under the Product Registration Incentive Offer for Acrobat X license holders.

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                                Idetenak Level 1

                                Thank you.


                                That information (and what else you get besides Adobe text (aka Adobe text pro) as a benefit for Acrobat X registration is missing on the page http://www.adobe.com/support/registrationfaq.html


                                I think that sould be corrected for everyones prosperity .


                                THX again and regards

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                                  The problem was said to be being fixed on January 4th, and it is now August 24th.  Why isn't the problem fixed?


                                  Adobe should not offer "complimentary benefits" if it is not actually able to give those benefits to us.


                                  I am going to spend 1 more minute looking at the FAQ page one more time, but after that, I am giving up.  The benefits are not worth the hassle.

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                                    While working in Photoshop this morning, a taskbar message appeared from Adobe telling me I had a free gift for registering. I had recently registered CS6 Design & Web Premium. I clicked on the taskbar message and was brought to the Adobe login page. After I logged in, my account page had a link to my “exclusive benefit”. The link took me to a page of benefits that I could choose from. I selected the Adobe Text font (nothing else was remotely interesting). Clicking on the Adobe Text font link brought me to another page with a detailed description of the font, but no way to actually select it as my benefit. I logged out and logged back in to try to figure out how to actually select my benefit, but the “exclusive benefit” link was gone. Customer support chat said I wasn’t eligible for any benefits and to ignore the message. I can provide the entire dialogue upon request.

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                                      Bump, so it's like less difference using uhm naughty copy or genuine lol and adobe cs 5.5 still get bonus from adobe http://helpx.adobe.com/content/dam/kb/en/928/cpsid_92859/attachments/PRIO_Benefit_Options. pdfww Complimentary benefit claim