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    Kindle Fire App Rejected by Amazon

    Mike Lipson

      Hey guys -


      I recently submitted an app to Amazon for approval. It was just rejected for the following reason...see below.


      I did not have any link in any of the three avialable folios - an android market link for Adobe AIR - So am not certain what they are referring to.


      Would there be something in the app itself? (bundle version


      Please advise...









      Appstore Developer Portal Logo

      Dear Mike,

      Your recent submission of paradise valley is pending due to the following reason(s):

      When pointing to other apps or websites from within your app, including up-sells, ratings, version updates, or upgrades, our published policy calls for the completion of purchase to be from the Amazon Appstore. Steps to reproduce this issue as it appears in this app: Application has android market link for Adobe AIR. Step to Reproduce: 1.Install and launch the application. 2.Tap on Install button for Adobe AIR. 3.Observe that the application has android market link. The link to Adobe AIR in your app needs to be updated so that customers are taken directly to the Adobe AIR app page on the Amazon Appstore. The Download URL is http://www.amazon.com/gp/mas/dl/android?p=com.adobe.air To point to a specific app on the Amazon Appstore, the Download URL must be http://www.amazon.com/gp/mas/dl/android?p=[packagename] (where [package name] is your package name). The link will become active when the app is live in the Amazon Appstore. If you want to link to the list of all your applications on the Appstore use the URL http://www.amazon.com/gp/mas/dl/android?p=[packagename]&showAll=1.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you don't have any of the links that they are referring to then contact them and get more info. These are reviewed by humans that do make mistakes.



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            Mike Lipson Level 1

            Bob -


            It seems non-DPS developers are running into the same error with Amazon.




            I think this isssue may be related to the core build of the Viewer App - and not to my folios.

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Interesting. I think in that case, the more people Amazon here’s from the better.





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                John J Metzger Adobe Employee

                What they are referring to is that if Adobe Air is not installed on the Kindle Fire, the DPS app directs the user to install it from the Google marketplace instead of the Amazon App marketplace. This won't work on the Fire as it doesn' t support the Google marketplace.


                Adobe is working on a fix in Viewer Builder that will link to the correct URL on the Amazon marketplace.

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                  Mike Lipson Level 1



                  So I assume that means we have to wait for the Viewer Builder update before getting App approval from Amazon.


                  Any insight as to when that bug fix will occur?

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                    Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                    We're looking into temporary fixes right now, such as asking Amazon to make the viewer apps available only in the Appstore and not in Market. If none of the temporary fixes pan out, the Viewer Builder fix likely won't take place until mid-January.

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                      Graham Davis Level 1

                      Ouch indeed!


                      We have had assurances from Adobe that we can build Kindle Fire apps with ADPS but now it seems we can't. Having persuaded a client that we should create an app for the Kindle Fire in time for Christmas we now have to tell them that we cannot.


                      Thanks a lot Adobe. Once again you have made us ADPS users look like a bunch of dummies.

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                        Steven_Sokulski Level 1

                        That's awful news Bob. Can't believe an oversight like this will take over a month to remedy.

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                          mobly Level 3


                          Aren't you in the UK? the reason I ask, is that I got my Fire on Thursday from the States, and because the app store isnt available in the UK I cant download the viewer

                          have you been testing on it some other way?

                          But anyway seems pointless now any way, but to be honest until the web views are sorted etc DPS on android is still so limiting

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                            Graham Davis Level 1

                            Hi Ali


                            Yes we are in the UK and we don't yet have a Kindle Fire, its being delivered on Tuesday, so we started creating our project with the expectation to be able to sideload for testing when it arrived. Having looked at other 7 inch tabs we realised that converting existing content from 10 inch (plus the Android limitations that you mention) would mean a complete re-think of the project. So we decided to create a Fire specific project that would lack some of the bells and whistles but would be available for Christmas or at least New Year sales. Thanks to Adobe we have had to abandon these plans to the considerable annoyance of the client.


                            When is Adobe going to face up to the issues that have beset ADPS from the day it was launched. We would expect problems during the prerelease period after all we were getting and opportunity to get ahead of the game with a new product and Adobe were getting valuable feedback from real world users, a fair trade-off. However since the launch nothing has changed, it feels like we are still all beta testers, but with one very big difference, we are all paying for an expensive product/service which continues to have major problems.


                            This is not what we expect from a company like Adobe. Either do it right or don't do it at all!

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                              mobly Level 3

                              Hi Graham

                              I can't really disagree with your sentiments, however, to be fair to Adobe, are any of the other systems perfect at the moment? I'm still making a living from DPS, and hope that with the new features coming along early next year, that I will be able to do even more.

                              I doubt that there will be many people at Adobe, that will ever say DPS was perfect at the start, but it had to be released in its early version's to enable users to start creating content.

                              If they had waited till now or early next year, there would quite likely be thousands of publications that had not gotten onto the market. I dont think we can say that the Conde Nast, or even my own apps are "below standard" so therefore the product is technically fit for purpose, (but yesy it has been a rollercoaster) but we are still pioneers!!


                              I've written some fairly critical posts myself, but sometimes, we need to write some balanced ones too, also I have to say, that in the last 6 weeks or so, my Gold support has been very good.


                              One last thing, I do think its a bit crap with the Kindle Fire, but lets face it, we are not going to lose much by waiting another couple of months, its still a tiny tiny market compared to iPad. Yes, I think the Fire has good potontial (I've got one, though I dont like it) but unless you have a big US market it is useless here (UK/Europe) untill next year.

                              Keep up the good work!




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                                Johannes Eckert Level 4

                                I also dont really know what to think about this...


                                I find it a lame excuse for Adobe to still give them the early software label... people are paying considerable amount of money for this system (yes, countless discussed before)

                                I also think the fire market is close to "ridiculously small" compared to the ipad.


                                But what is bothering me: Adobe spent a considerable amount of time on supporting the fire, partnering with amazon and their market, and pushing publishers onto that device.

                                Did you notice that android was here since day 1 and no big publisher ever tried a footstep into this field? Yes, because Android is cluttered and the viewer experience anything else than enjoyable.


                                But why suddenly all big titles are comming to the fire? An even more crappy and slower device than the xoom. (Dont get me wrong: i love android!)


                                This is a little bit weird, right?


                                Looks like adobe and the publishers think the fire has great potential and will be a great holiday gift when the iPad will be too expensive.

                                Adobe pushed that fire and amazon thing quite hard. Even postponed design features for this.
                                And now this awkward thing with air updates is happening? What did all the publishers do to bring their titles live?


                                I dont have a problem with an evolving product. But I see these weird bugs/behaviors/problems as critical disadvantages. It's not about lovely features on a roadmap. They are ciritcal workflow flaws.


                                I feel like I am not as important as the big publishers. Indesign domocratiziced publishing. Pdf was open for everyone. The internet opened publishing for everyone and the publishers overslept the internet. Now it is back to the sleeping publishers? Oh my...


                                Ok i'm getting into several other things right now.
                                But seriously, Adobe, get your things together. Dont leave us behind like Quark did years before.


                                Rant over.




                                (mobil gesendet)

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                                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                  The difference is that the Fire is being backed by Amazon with a humongous amount of content and a very attractive price point.




                                  This device is this first real challenger to the iPad and I’ve even read a few reports that Apple is now considering a price cut to the iPad. Whether that will happen is anyone’s guess, but the very fact that anyone is even talking about that shows that the Fire is being taken very seriously by the industry.




                                  This device unlike many of the others is going to be sitting under a lot of Christmas trees this year. J




                                  Anyway, that’s just my $0.02 as an interested observer.





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                                    Graham Davis Level 1

                                    Well I don't know about you guys I am fed up with the status quo, it makes us look like a bunch of amateurs. In reality we are still just beta testers, Adobe is using us as guinea pigs and when we complain we are generally fobbed off. As Bob Levine says The Kindle Fire is going to sell in bucket loads and no one using the Adobe platform will be able to produce apps for it until after the main selling period is over.


                                    If it was not possible for Adobe to get the technology ready in time then I for one would have been happier with a statement to that effect. In my opinion offering us the service and then withdrawing it was simply unprofessional.

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                                      Mike Lipson Level 1

                                      There are two problems here.


                                      The first relates to process and general respect for our time as partners.


                                      Were we to assume that this bug simply slipped by the Adobe developers - it then behooves Adobe to very publicly announce that there is a technical issue, that there is a timeline for a fix, and to apologize to anyone who has invested time and effort, and advise all others to please wait til the bug fix has been rectified.


                                      But there is nothing. There should be a big "announcement (ALERT: Amazon App Store issue, for example) on the DPS Dashboard page with a click through to a FAQ. Adobe has our emails - send out a group email - and make it visible in the forums too.


                                      The frustrations which Graham express have to do with this mostly uni-directional communication - need to know quality - with the program/forum to date. information trickles out. In general we are treated like casual users and/or newbies in that communication back to us is sporadic - when in fact we have paid sizable amounts of time, money and effort to be part of this program.


                                      We deserve greater respect for that time, money, and effort.


                                      The 2nd problem may be an incorrect read from my part, but as a layman looking in this should be a relatively easy fix, and one which should be handled in days, not months.


                                      Do an interim build of Viewer Builder. Even if not elegant, for now we can keep on going. Instead of being dead in the water.

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                                        Johannes Eckert Level 4

                                        I want to throw in the latest Nielsen Report on the Kindle Fire usability test results:



                                        interesting, and saying that magazine design is mostly bad on the ipad.



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                                          Steven_Sokulski Level 1

                                          Very interesting.


                                          Not sure I agree with the assessment of magazines on the whole.  I do think there are lots of bad "solutions" out there these days.  In most cases, they capable of good things, but make it all too easy for the publisher to skimp on the modifications that are made for the digital edition.  With DPS we have the blessing and curse of having to rework everything to some degree.


                                          That said, I agree with the consensus that there will be lots of Kindle Fire's unwrapped this holiday season.  I sure wish our product could be on them...

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                                            John J Metzger Adobe Employee

                                            We are attempting to get a new build of viewer builder released this week that enables Android apps built with Amazon picked as the store to have the correct URL embedded in them. Not that apps that specify google or none as the store will still have the URL of the google market place embedded into the app.


                                            Users will need to download a new Viewer Builder client and rebuild their apps before submitting them to Amazon.

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                                              mobly Level 3

                                              Hi John

                                              Thanks for the update. However, (and I dont want to use the expression "teaching your grannies how to suck eggs" but I just have) Is it that difficult for Adobe to have a mailing group set up for those of us that have paid for the licence, to actually get this info direct to us rather than on a public forum. I mean post it here too, but the people most affected by this particular issue, are the people that have paid quite a lot of money. OK in the future, the situation will change, but for now.....

                                              If I'm being unreasonable, or don't understand the complexities of it all, please do tell.




                                              P.S and yes I have gone out of my way, quite considerably, to buy a Kindle Fire from the States, so I'm not too chuffed that I can't test either.

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                                                Andrew Smith Level 2

                                                Has this still not been resolved?  I just received the following Application Pending Notice from Amazon (I replaced the customer and app names with Xs)


                                                Dear XXXXX, 


                                                  Your recent submission of XXXX is pending due to the following reason(s):


                                                Through our testing process, we found that your app requires Adobe AIR to function. Customers that do not already have Adobe AIR installed will be prompted to download the app. To point users directly to the Adobe AIR page on the Amazon Appstore use the following Download URL: http://www.amazon.com/gp/mas/dl/android?p=com.adobe.air


                                                Please correct the issue(s) we found with your app submission.

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                                                  Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                                                  Yes, that issue was resolved a couple releases ago. I assume you didn't mistakenly submit an .apk file for the Android Marketplace. Have you asked Amazon for clarification?

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                                                    Andrew Smith Level 2

                                                    Thanks for the quick reply Bob.


                                                    You are correct, that is what I did.  I can see now in the Viewer Builder where I can choose the destination marketplace.  I was confused because the documentation titled Create a custom viewer app for Android and Amazon devices states the following and I read it wrong because I was in a hurry:


                                                    "The steps for creating viewer apps for the Android Market and Amazon Appstore are similar. For both workflows, you create an .apk file for submitting. You can create the same app for each store, and the apps can allow the same content to be downloaded."

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                                                      Himanshusingh10 Employee Moderator

                                                      Andrew, I Assume the issue is that you built an App intended for Android Market from Viewer Builder which points Adobe Air download to Android Marketplace, thus Amazon rejects such apps; create a new app using Viewer builder for Amazon Market and resubmit the app.