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    flood of notices



      I've received over a hundred notices today alone in spite of not having visited the forum for several months.  This started yesterday for no reason.  I've check "no" on everything in preferences.



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          One of these may help


          Personalize Forums http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-1013


          Jive Tutorials http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-1021

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            royl47 Level 1

            Thanks for your time but I'm not interested in a tutorial or spending any of my time doing homework so that I can use this forum.  I liked it the way it was...don't need anything else and I will cancel my subscription or block the emails before I'll waste my time with this.

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              royl47 Level 1


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                Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                A bug affecting one user? And please don't write in all caps.

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                  You are receiving email notices because YOU clicked on "Receive email notifications" in a thread or in a forum index.  You now need to go back to each such thread and forum and click on "Stop email notifications".

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                    In other words, the setting is not in your preferences, but in each and every darned thread or forum in which you have activated the feature.


                    Not a bug, PEBKAC.  Google it if you don't know what the acronym means.



                    Wo Tai Lao Le


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                      royl47 Level 1

                      Read my OP before you spout off...I haven't subcribed to any threads at this forum in months and and I have notification turned off.  I'm recieving notifications on EVERY (notice caps) discussion. 

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                        You have a serious reading comprehension problem, royI47.


                        The setting in question is not found in any of your preferences.  It's found on each thread as well as in every forum where you have clicked on "Receive email notifications".  There's no other way to activate or deactivate that functionality.

                        If you don't remember doing it yourself, maybe it was done by you inadvertently, or somebody who has access to your computer and/or your account did it behind your back just to annoy you, and I can easily understand why a number of people would like to annoy you.


                        On a per forum basis:






                        On a per thread basis:







                        Please note that those settings are independent of each other.  You have to turn off each and every thread as well as each and every forum separately.


                        You are the only one "spouting off" here.


                        PEBKAC = Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair.




                        Wo Tai Lao Le


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                          royl47 Level 1

                          I think it is you that has the comprehension problem...the email notification option was the first thing I changed...in fact I've change it back and forth several times trying to get the site to respond...that's before your oh so brilliant suggestion.  I'd estimate since Friday the 2nd. I've been flooded with over 200 notifications on vertually every discussion on the forum and none of then have I ever visited or subscribed to.

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                            Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                            I am surprised that such a serious bug has not been reported by anyone else so far...

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                              royl47 wrote:


                              …the email notification option was the first thing I changed…


                              < sigh >  You keep referring to an "option".  What you haven't addressed is the fact that there can be multiple such options—even hundreds or thousands of them: one per forum and one per each darned thread in each forum.


                              I give up.



                              royl47 wrote:


                              …been flooded with over 200 notifications on vertually every discussion on the forum and none of then have I ever visited or subscribed to.

                              Then you did it inadvertently, or someone did it maliciously behind your back.  You come across as somebody who makes enemies easily.  Anyone with access to your computer while you were logged in or who could log-in as yourself could have done it.  Your kids? Spouse? Disgruntled employee or coworker? Upset student?



                              Wo Tai Lao Le


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                                Also, please look at the image again:


                                Beside the Email Notifications option there's an independent Follow This Forum option.  Both have to be turned off for the forum.  Additionally, even after turning off both of them, each thread within that forum from which you are receiving notices MUST be turned off individually.




                                Independently from that, the Email notification must be deactivated in each thread individually:



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                                  pwillener Level 8

                                  I am sure the forum admin will look into it as soon as the weekend is over.

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                                    royl47 Level 1

                                    There are now 18 more notices in my inbox since I last posted to this thread. 


                                    On every notice there is this address  "reply to"  jive-1140128004-m9qq-2-2f39e@mail.forums.adobe.com


                                    Does this address normally appear on notices.  I've never paid attention before this.

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                                      cppasm Level 3

                                      This address is unique for every forum thread, and replying to that address will post message in associated  forum thread.

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                                        royl47 Level 1

                                        I'm issuing a limited mea culpa.  Deactivating email notifications on the "Discussions" page has stopped the emails...so far.  However,I did not have to go to each individual discussion thread to do the same. Also this does not explain how the anomaly began in the first place.  I might add that I don't see the necessity for having a "recieve email notification"  selection on the "Discussions" page, especially if when activated it automatically subcribes one to all the discussions as it did in my case.  It also seems redundant considering all the option checks in "Preferences."  I'm sure however the web developer could tell my "why"...I just think there must be a better way.


                                        Thanks to everyone, especially Tai Lao for trying to help me solve this annoyance.

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                                          royl47 wrote:


                                          …However,I did not have to go to each individual discussion thread to do the same…


                                          Ah, but you would have had to go to each thread if you had clicked on the Receive Email Notifications in each thread.  The button on the Discussions page does not affect the one in each thread, and vice versa.


                                          Unless you are logged in to your own account, you (or we) cannot tell whether you are receiving notifications due to their being activated on the discussion page, or in each thread, or a combination of both.


                                          If your point is that this confounded Jive software on which the forum runs is a monumental piece of cr@p, you won't get an argument from any of us.  We all hate it.  As a matter of fact, I don't know of anyone who would have the gall to admit to liking it or to defend it in public without having a boundless mendacity problem.


                                          You're welcome.  




                                          Wo Tai Lao Le


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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                            There are actually a couple of settings in one's Profile Preferences, that can affect e-mail notification. This ARTICLE points to most of them. Note, that article was written before the most recent Jive update, so some things might look different now.


                                            Now, there have been two "glitches," that I have personally observed, even with my e-mail notifications (all of them), turned OFF. One was a one-time dump, where I managed to get about 1000 e-mails, after responding to a thread in this forum. That was about 1.5 years ago, and after that incident, things corrected themselves. I have no idea what happened. The next was with the recent Jive update, where one of my e-mail notifications was re-set to ON. This bit a lot of us, but after manually resetting those preferences, things straightened out.


                                            Maybe Adobe-Admin can look at your Profile and find some issue with settings?


                                            Good luck,



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                                              I was also receiving lots of emails, apparently there are settings that are not very evident -  try


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                                                Thanks doffice.  I found the information in there very useful, especially the video tutorial.