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    Text hyperlink


      Is it possible to create a text-hyperlink which points to a pop-up which contains an HTML file?

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          mobly Community Member

          not sure what you want to achieve, but it sounds like you could do the whole interactive element in HTML with Edge or Hype.

          I you explain the whole user experience I might be able to help more


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            daniel.benjamins Community Member

            I'd like to create hyperlinks on  specific words which give an explanation (popup) when you click them, like a legenda.

            Some commercial websites use this method with advertisements, but I can't find one at the moment. Hope I made myself more clear

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              Bart Van de Wiele Community Member

              This isn't too hard.


              Just select the text that acts like a hyperlink, open up the hyperlinks panel (window -> interactive -> hyperlinks) and click the "create new hyperlink" button.


              Aaaaaaand you're done !


              When you test this, you'll automatically have a pop-up to that specified website.



              Good luck

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                daniel.benjamins Community Member

                Thanks for your answer, but this isn't what I'm looking for. I don't want to point the hyperlink to a website, but to a pop-up which contains a local HTML-file (which contains an image and eventually some text), like a text-balloon.