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    CS Reviews without an Adobe ID

    tj_harley Level 1

      Is it possible to create a review for someone who does not have an Adobe ID? I see that you can publish a document for someone without an ID to view but can not create a review. Is this possible? There would be cases where I do not want to ask a client to create an Adobe ID in order to review a job. They can look a a file but not leave comments.



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          michaelwallen Adobe Employee

          Currently a Adobe ID sign in is required for participants to get access to your CS Review documents. It is fairly painless process.


          Here is what is looks like:

          From the CS Review Web Client, open the review, click Share with individuals, enter their email address, enter some text in the body to the effect of... you will need to click sign up for a Free Acrobat.com account to get access to this review... this way they their expectations are set properly.


          Your reviewer gets an email. (If they don't get it their SPAM filter may have caught it) They click on the link from the email invite which routes them to a simple sign up (no obligation to pay page). They enter the email address to which the invite was sent as their Adobe ID... fill out the rest of the form, accept legal terms of use... then they are in.


          Here are some screen shots:

          Screen shot 2010-11-09 at 1.21.10 PM.png

          Click Share and send them a invite.

          Screen shot 2010-11-09 at 1.21.50 PM.png

          Invitation has been sent. Grayscale avatar.

          Screen shot 2010-11-09 at 1.26.35 PM.png

          Invitee has successfully signed up. Color avatar. Note- you can customize this avatar by clicking My Account in the top right of the Nav Bar.


          If they do not get the email... You can send them a invitation link from the Collaborator Bar to try again:

          Screen shot 2010-11-09 at 1.22.09 PM.png

          I know this does not directly address the scenario you outlined. This is how Sharing with individual participants works in our initial version of the service. The Product team is considering ways to make this simpler... so let me throw out an idea of something we could explore:


          Share via link- You can email or IM the link to reviewers. They can click on the link to view the content, but if they click any of the Add Comments buttons or gestures, they will be asked to sign in with an existing Adobe ID or Sign Up for a free account. After they sign in they are added to the review with the "reviewer" role. You can turn off Sharing via URL at any time and continue to remove participants as necessary.


          NOTE: This is the same workflow as supported by Acrobat.com Buzzword. We're considering adopting something similar for CS Review.


          Is this an improvement in the right direction? Thoughts or concerns?



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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            Share via link- You can email or IM the link to reviewers. They can click on the link to view the content, but if they click any of the Add Comments buttons or gestures, they will be asked to sign in with an existing Adobe ID or Sign Up for a free account. After they sign in they are added to the review with the "reviewer" role. You can turn off Sharing via URL at any time and continue to remove participants as necessary.


            NOTE: This is the same workflow as supported by Acrobat.com Buzzword. We're considering adopting something similar for CS Review.


            Is this an improvement in the right direction? Thoughts or concerns?




            I'm not the OP, but I'd like to echo those requests. Unfortunately, necessitating the creation of an Adobe ID--while relatively painless--is a major turn-off. In an era of locked down IT policies and having to sign up and create IDs for every little thing, this simply gets in the way of what is otherwise an elegant, effective, and rather well-thought-out system. One of the clients I do work for requires up to 10-12 sets of eyes on a piece of work--if everyone needs to generate an Adobe ID to gain access, the ship is going to sink before it leaves the dock.


            I guess my stumbling block is why exactly an Adobe ID is needed--other than the established method of using it to provide access to the review system, it doesn't serve any other function for the people reviewing the work I post to it. I can see it being needed/necessary for other collaborators, but for the client reviewing a :30 second commercial, this is clutter. I think having the option is fine, but another method of entry to a review needs to be implemented.


            I think sharing via a link is fine; when the user accesses the review via that link, pop up a box that asks them to add their name and probably an email address so that there is some uniqueness to their login. Gray out the "OK" button until they do so. Make it work similarly to how ClipNotes used to function in this regard--all we really care about is knowing who said what about a review. The elements of an individual's review could be tracked via the name/email address, rather than another sign-up.


            My primary use of CS Review is going to be for video, so I'll use that as my example. I also use (sorry to bring it up here, but for comparison's sake) Sorenson Squeeze and their 360 review platform. While in no way, shape or form is it anywhere as complete or capable as CS Review, it steals CS Review's lunch money when it comes to simplicity.


            When you generate an encode from the Squeeze interface, you can tack on "notifications" that are based on an email address (you can also do SMS, but that's not really that helpful as far as I'm concerned). The notification specifies that that person is to be contacted (by the specified method or methods) when the encode is complete. You alternatively can add "Review and Approval Rights" and also require a password, if necessary.


            When the encode is completed and uploaded into the 360 platform, the reviewer(s) I specify are notified automatically via email with a blind/gibberish link to the review video. Technically, anyone with this link can view the video, but only the individual who is specified in the notification and has Review and Approval Rights can actually click the Approved/Please Revise button (like I said--it's way more simplistic than CS Review).


            So, here's my thinking, boiled down in CS Review terms:


            • Eliminate the requirement for reviewers to have an Adobe ID. Collaborators are fine; that part makes sense for them to have an Adobe ID.
            • Allow the user to specify individuals and groups of individuals who will be notified when a review part is online, and give those individuals access/review rights. It would be on the review creator's shoulders to establish the logins/profiles of the reviewers. I personally don't think that the ID tracking for a review needs to be any more detailed/complicated than this.
            • Notify the reviewers via email when a review part is online; provide them with a link to the review directly, and don't require any additional signing up/logging in than absolutely necessary. If something is truly top-secret and needs to be kept FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, specify a password in the profile creation, and require the reviewer to enter this password.
            • Add a SUBMIT REVIEW button to the interface so that after the reviewer is done adding comments, the content creator can be notified via email that new comments are available. Obviously, the comments will be appearing live in the web interface and shortly thereafter in the CS Review Panel, but it would be really helpful to have a flag of this sort pop up for the content creator. Additionally, if the reviewer forgets to click the SUBMIT REVIEW button, perhaps the system could automatically generate the email notification to the content creator after a time-out period--15 minutes or something like that.


            I do recognize Adobe's desire to keep everyone within the Adobe ecosystem, but I think that this needs to be far more transparent than it is now. When you're sending out a review to a client, the fewer hurdles they need to jump through, and the less that they feel their being diverted through some other third-party, the better.


            (By the way, I'm assuming you guys have looked at the Sorenson 360 system, but if not, please feel free to contact me and I'll send you a review so you can see how the system works. As mentioned, I'd really much rather use CS Review, since the integration with my Premiere Pro sequence is a-w-e-s-o-m-e, but from a reviewer standpoint, I can't use it right now.)


            Thanks for listening.

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              Matthew Lamphere

              I completely support Colin's estimation of the situation.


              CS Review is a fantastic product.  It is, without a doubt, one of the best solutions for review and approval that's come down the line, and I'm stoked to see it evolve and put to good use.


              However - requiring a client to create an Adobe ID is a major roadblock. It all hinges on the level of sophistication of the end reviewer and if the "part" (hate that - by the way -- can we call it an element, or something else ?) - needs to be reviewed by committee. Which in corporate video production, happens constantly.  The easier this can be, the less horsing around with login credentials and flaming digital hoops -- the more compliance will be found.  No doubt about it.


              As currently configured, CS Review is a great share tool between folks who work in the content creation realm and don't mind adding another account to their list of accounts (and who undoubtedly already have an Adobe ID).  As to deployment to the general public / end client user / reviewer - it's not there yet.  It's asking too much of them. I know this may sound petty, and adding a simple user ID doesnt' seem like asking for much.  Trust me, for these cats - it is, and to be fair, they have been trained by sites like YouTube, which allows for immediate anonymous commenting (which isn't necessarily a good thing, but I'll save my decline-of-western-civilization-via-the-systematic-destruction-of-thoughtful-communicatio n-rant for another forum).


              I think you get the point though.


              Simple. Minimal. Fast. Easy. No ID, no passwords, the abiity to share with multiple eyes, and accept multiple review comments.  THAT would be one system to rule them all.


              By the way ... I am a confirmed Final Cut Pro switcher.  CS5 has changed my entire workflow for the better. Thanks.

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                I agree 100% with the statements above. Even if they do have an Adobe ID, CS Review requires 3rd Party Cookies enabled? THAT will just never fly in todays IT world. These two factors will certianly block my Marketing Dept from using this tool.

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                  David Fisher Fast

                  I'll add another vote to getting rid of the 3rd party cookies. After falling in love with CS Review, my IT department is telling me to stop using Acrobat.com. Apparently Adobe sells user information to a third party—Adecn dot com. Is that true? I would have expected more from Adobe.


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                    sebrame Level 3

                    I finally got around to using CS Review. When I initially saw a demo of it, I got really excited. It looked like the remote review process had really come to fruition, after some rather poor attempts earlier on.


                    Then I sent the email invites to a couple of clients. That's where the whole process fell apart. Seems as if they are prohibited from filling out and submitting any forms at all online via their office network. They also wanted to know why they had to sign up for an Adobe ID just to review their video -  I had no answer.


                    So, I jump on here to fire off a post, and lo and behold, I find that I'm not alone!


                    Until this requirement is released, CS Review will simply fade into the past as a wholly unusable service, like Adobe Clip Notes. While the process might be 'painless' to some, to others it may present an impenetrable roadblock. There are actually those out there in the corporate world who, when shown a fullscreen image of a flashing sign that says "Check your email Inbox for an email with a link to verify your email address", and will turn to you and ask - "OK, what do I do next"? Granted, this may seem like hyperbole, and there may be only 10 or so out there in the world who would not be able to understand such a simple direction. If so, then I have had all 10 of them as clients - plus my wife.


                    We all know why the requirement for contact info exists here - it's the same reason that Kroger needs your contact info to issue a 'Kroger Plus Card'. When CS Review's role as a marketing tool ends, then perhaps it can become the editing tool that it purports to be.

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                      Matthew Lamphere Level 1

                      Great example.


                      To beat this horse one more time (mostly because I really want to see this product fly) :  If this product is going to work, it must be simple.  We (those that work with clients) can't make the review process any more difficult or complex than it already is.


                      The technology should not present any barriers to the task at hand. If it does, the whole process is sunk, and our credibility / competence is questioned.  If this happens enough times, you may lose a client.


                      In short, instances like this are completely unacceptable & need to be eliminated for this to be a viable solution.


                      The folks using this product as end users are not, generally speaking, creative industry professionals. This needs to work for them, the un-geeks ... those that hold control of the coveted "check-book".

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                        Allow me to add my support for this thread. I would use and pay for CS Review in a heartbeat, if my clients could use it without logging in or creating any accounts...







                        Benjamin Freedman

                        PrimeImage Media

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                          sebrame Level 3

                          I can certainly understand the need for a login in order to store the metrics of 'who viewed what review when', but that only needs to be an email address and password, and possibly their name, but that's all. There is absolutely no need whatsoever to collect any other info from anyone unless you are creating a sellable database.

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                            Is there any recent update on this? It's been 6 months and no changes have been rolled out, are they in development? Planned at all? I'm so very excited about this tool, but this is the one issue that is preventing me from utilizing it for my clients.

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                              sebrame Level 3

                              It was said in an earlier post that this is "not something that could be changed easily". It wasn't specified as to whether this was in reference to the corporate reasons for collecting the info, or the actual coding aspects. I would suspect the former, for if they are claiming the latter, they would not be absolutely truthful. All that would be required would be to turn off which fields of information were required - a simple task, code-wise.


                              Having said that, I have constructed a canned email that I send to all clients explaining the requirement, and alleviating their fears of providing such info. So far this is working well. As far as the cookie issue, I've been fortunate enough to not have that issue - yet.

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                                i totaly agree with the aboth! - i would certanly pay a subscription fee for this service (review of Videos) - but the registration process and even a login progress for a client would make things just more complicated for the client than it is now. Therefore there is no way for me to use this service at the current state!


                                hopefully there will be an update in the future!