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    [Ann] Identify Your InDesign File

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      A CS4 & upwards compatible script -- if anyone dares to try it out in a lower version, please do so. It pops up a standard file dialog where you can select any file, and the script will dive into it and see what version of InDesign it was last saved with.


      Download the zip from my website: identify.zip -- unpack, and put "IDentify.jsx" to the folder where you put all of your User scripts.


      Things it does

      It shows the file name, file type (as stored in the file), and version of InDesign files from InDesign version CS up to CS5.5 (tested). It does not work for ID 1.0, 1.5, 2.0. It may not work for versions after CS5.5.


      Things it doesn't

      It does not open the newer files in your old CS3.

      It does not identify IDML files (nor anything else, by the way, than InDesign files).

      It does not Fix Your Broken Files.

      Written using CS4, so it may or may not work on older or newer versions.


      Things I won't

      "Upgrade" it to actually open the newer files in your old CS3.

      Explain how it works.

      Unobfuscate to make it clear how it works.

      Respond to Private Mail inquiries of how it works.