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    Tutorial out of sync




      I am brand new to Photoshop Touch. Just purchased, dowmloaded and installed it before I ran the very first step of the very first tutorial by clicking the highlighted button (see here). The result was this.




      Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks,



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          joerg eberhardt Employee Hosts

          - Please go back to step 1.

          - Tap and slide down to the Selection tools and choose the “Scribble Selection Tool” from the tool fly-out menu.

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            grevesz Community Member



            Thanks for the response. However, please let me know how to "slide down the Selection tools". Where and what are the "Selection tools"? What and where is the "Scribble Selection Tool"? Isn't this done automatically by the tutorial as shown on the first picture?





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              David__B Adobe Employee

              Hi Gabor,


              You'll get that message about the tutorial being out of sync if you attempt to advance through the tutorial without actually completing the steps. Its basically telling you to back up and complete the steps. Use the arrow pointing to the left on left side of the light bulb icon to go to the previous step.


              All of the tools are on the bar on the left hand side of the interface. The currently selected tool will appear at the top of the list. When you select a tool, the toolbar changes to options for that specific tool. If you tap the top selected tool again, it will change to showing them all again. All of the tool sections on the toolbar except the eraser have more than one tool inside. If you hold your finger down on the Magic wand one for example it will show all of the ones for that section, one of which is the scribble selection.


              Does that help?



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                Luanne Seymour Adobe Employee

                Hi Gabor,

                It can take some practice when first learning to select the tools from the toolbar. Here is a little video clip from Russell Brown's overview video that demonstrate how to select the tools from the toolbar.



                I hope this helps.



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                  grevesz Community Member

                  Thanks! That helped!



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                    The Scribble Selection Tool is missing my from toolbar.  I have an Asus Transformer Prime 201 and am wondering if the missing Scribble Selection Tool is an Android issue ...?  Have seen a Samsung Galaxy user express the same complaint.

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                      grevesz Community Member

                      Tap on the top of the toolbar on the left (circled in red in the image).

                      Then tap on the icon circled in green and you will see it.




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                        GSchill Community Member

                        I finally got it... did not realize that holding my finger on the magic wand would produce a subset of other tools to the right of the magic wand tool.  Thank you all for your patience in dealing with newbies like me.

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                          Sharon Huang

                          Here is a Photoshop Touch navigation tutorial that can help those who just acquired the app get started quickly: