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    Moving CFB and FB to a new computer

    Scot.Hershman Level 1

      I have my copy of CFB and Flash Builder exactly the way I want it. How can I physically move this installation to a new computer without having to reinstall everything? I tried copying the CFB and FB folders to a USB drive and pasting them but that didnt work.


      I thought everything was suppose to be self contained within the folders? Maybe it is only if I installed eclipse and then CFB and FB as plugins?


      Any Ideas?



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          Abram Adams

          Don't know for sure if this is what you are looking for, but you can export your preferences from the File > Export then expand the General folder and choose Preferences.  Then copy that epf file to the new computer (with FB/CFB already installed) and import.  That will import things like color scheme, key bindings, etc....


          As for the projects, you can export those as well and import into the new computer.