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    What does "Error 10" mean? "An error occurred while loading your project. 10"

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      Does anyone know what "Error 10" means?  For the first time, I'm getting a message that says, "An error occurred while loading your project. 10"I'm getting this message when I try to open a project that I created yesterday.


      I'm using Adobe Premiere 6 on a Windows 7 machine.  I have over 20 gigs of open space on the drive with all the project and support files.  And this machine with 2 gigs of RAM never has a problem opening other similar Premeire project files with even more still images plugged in.


      All of my Premiere project files have always opened with no problem.  A similar file that this project file was created from with all the same base elements still opens with no problem.


      This file almost finishes the "Loading Project - checking files..." process, but then I get the error message.


      I had also saved a duplicate backup file for the project in question and it will not open either, so I believe that rules out a corrupt file... it is only this one project that I created yesterday that will not open.  This project file is only about 5.7 megabytes in size.


      This file has many still images plugged in to it, but all the same images are plugged in to another base file that still opens correctly.


      I've also tried closing all other apps to save memory but I still get the error.   I've also tried opening this problem file from within the application and I still get the same error message.


      I read some troubleshooting information on the Adobe website about files that give error messages that will not open and it recommended adjusting the size of the virtual memory paging file in the system settings to twice the amount of RAM that is installed instead of being on the automatic setting, so I followed the instruction verbatim and restarted my machine and I still get the error message.


      I've also read other troubleshooting info on the Adobe site that recommends to "delete the application preferences file" and "recreate the plugin cache file", but I'm not sure if "Error 10" indicates that those things are the correct procedures to use.


      I could re-create this project file, but it has many tricky cutting and motion setting edits that will be difficult to reproduce and it took me a full day to create this project file.


      Also, yesterday before initially closing this file, I was able to successfully render a test version to an AVI file and that video file plays fine, but neither the original project file nor the duplicate will open... I'm always getting the "An error occurred while loading your project. 10"   after the file almost finishes the "Loading Project - checking files..." process... it almost finishes opening but then I get the error message.


      Thanks for any input on this problem.  You can see the error message screenshot below.





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          Thanks for your reply John,


          I read over much of that info and while it may apply to other troubleshooting in the future for me, my problem is more with opening a project who's near duplicate still opens fine.  My problem isn't rendering the file, but just getting it to re-open for the first time.


          All of my still images and video are sized to the project size, 1280x720, and all of the same images are plugged in the same number of times in another project and that project file opens fine, but the new near duplicate of that project will not open.


          This project rendered fine to a test AVI file yesterday, but after closing it, neither it nor the duplicate backup file will re-open at all... I just get that "An error occurred while loading your project. 10" message shown above.  If I could open it, I could troubleshoot it, but opening it is the problem... when it's open, it renders fine.


          I've checked all the support files for corruption and all of them open and/or play just fine.


          One troubleshooting attempt, my last resort, was to trash the Premiere prefs file, but I’m not able to find the Premiere prefs file.   I’m on Windows 7 with my good old Premiere 6.   I checked in the AppData>Roaming>Adobe where  info on the Adobe site says to find the prefs file.


          And I tried to follow another recommended path to the prefs file, UserFolder>Documents>Adobe, but there is no ‘Documents’ folder in the user folder… there is ‘My Documents’, but that’s not the same thing. In the Adobe folder in AppData>Roaming>Adobe there are only folders labeled ‘Acrobat’, ‘AIR’, and ‘Flash Player’, even though I have Photoshop and Premiere installed… there are no other folders labeled Premiere, except in the ‘Programs’ folder, and there are no prefs files to be found there.


          I’ve tried resetting the plugin cache file by holding down the shift key while starting up Premeire but that didn't fix it.


          And I tried importing the original project file in to a new file, but I get the same error message.


          Actually, this problem file isn't nearly as big as other Premiere projects files of mine that still open fine... and though there are many still images plugged in to it, all the same images are plugged in more times in other projects of mine that also still open correctly.


          I also tried changing the folder name where all the support files are located and did a 'skip all' when opening this problem file and it still gives the error message.


          If I could figure out where the preferences file is for this Premiere, I could try trashing it, but otherwise, it seems like I've tried everything that I can find about troubleshooting a file that won't open.


          And the last thing is that I can't find any reference to "Error 10".


          Thanks for your refs... that info may come in handy in the future.



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            As a test, can you create a New Project, and then Import the problem Project into it?


            It sounds like you might have some corruption in an Asset, so if the above test does not work, you might want to "hide" your Assets. I do this by creating New Folders, and say Moving the Video to one, the Stills to another, the Audio to yet another. Then, Open the problem Project. It should begin to Open (if luck holds), and then PrPro will ask, "Where is file ______ ?" At that time, just use the Finder to navigate to that new folder, where that file is located. PrPro should then re-link to all of that type of Asset in that folder. If all goes well, and say the Videos all re-link, you should get that same "Where is... ?" for the next "missing file." If those Assets load, you should get another request for missing files (in my example here with Video, Stills and Audio), and then perhaps a hang, and error message (though that could come in the first, or second part of this test). That would indicate that one of those Assets has corruption, or at least a problem. One could then repeat the test with those Assets split into 2, or 3 different folders (no need to work with the other Asset types), and see if you can narrow things down even more.


            It does take a little time, a bit of planning, and then some Opening of Projects, but if there is corruption in an Asset, you can then address that, in hopes of fixing it, and thus the Project.


            Good luck, and let us know how it goes,



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              Only "useful" reference to Error Code 10, that I could find for Adobe Premiere is in this KB Article.


              I sort of doubt that this will be helpful, and you have probably already seen it.


              Good luck,



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                Hi Bill,


                I tried importing the problem project in to a new clean project... I get the same error message.


                And I tried changing the name of the folder with all the support files in it and the re-link process re-links the files and then it gets to the same point towards the end of the "Loading Project - checking files..." process and then errors with the same error message.


                I also tried the "Skip All" option when it calls to re-link to the support files and it still gets to the same point toward the end of "Loading Project - checking files..." and errors out with the same error message.


                Relinking or skipping the relinking of the support files seems to make no difference... it always errors at the end of the progress bar for "Loading Project - checking files...".


                I even opened all the PS files and played the few video files plugged in and they all work fine.  And, like I was saying before, other Premiere project files with all the same support files and more still open correctly.


                It seems like if this file was just corrupt, the backup duplicate file might work, but it won't open either.


                As I wrote about above, if I could figure out where the preferences file is for this Premiere, I could try trashing it, but there is no Premiere folder at UserFolder>Documents>Adobe or at AppData>Roaming>Adobe.


                If you think of any other things, or an alternate path to the prefs file to try trashing that, please let me know.


                Thanks again,



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                  Oh, and thanks for the refs to "Error 10"... I hadn't found that page before, but I see that those references are to installation errors, but my Premiere is installed and otherwise working great.


                  Thanks again,



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                    Yes, I noticed that too, but with so few Adobe-centric hits, I just included it.


                    I wish that error messages could be much better, than they are, say "Error 10 - please check your _____ and replace your _____ to fix it." Of course, we often do not know where the error is really coming from - the OS, the program, the Project or maybe even the hardware, so that would be asking too much. Also, and I've seen this happen in Encore, something goes wrong, then one of the Sonic AuthorCore modules hits it, sending a flag to Encore's abstraction layer, which then "guesses" at the error, and throws a message, that might, or might not even be close. Encore just knows that something is not right, and will try to fill in the blank, depending on the operation. Some are real red herrings


                    Good luck, and I'll see if I can nail down Error 10 better. Sorry that the tests did not get you closer.


                    Now, here is another thought. The Project file is just an XML database. A free program, XML Wrench, can check out the header of the file (where most errors occur), and tell you what is wrong. IIRC, you are using an older version of Premiere, so the Project file will not be a PRPROJ, but probably a PROJ file. XML Wrench will be looking for an XML file extension, so to load the Project file, you will need to use the drop-down in the Finder to get All Files. Let XML Wrench test the file, and see what it says.


                    Good luck, and hope that helps narrow things down.



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                      For a bit more about XML Wrench and Project files, see this PrPro-Wiki Entry.


                      Good luck,



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                        Thanks Bill,


                        Do you have any idea where else the Preferences file might be located?... it is not at UserFolder>Documents>Adobe or at AppData>Roaming>Adobe.  Nor is it any place else to be found anywhere in the AppData folder.





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                          Hi again Bill,


                          When I go to the actual XML:Wrench 1.3.2 website, it says "Download the demonstration version of XML:Wrench" which indicates it is not freeware, but a demo version with the option to buy... there is no other download option there.


                          Otherwise I found a link to a website that identifies it as "Freeware" at http://www.tucows.com/preview/342281 .  There, when I click download, it get a malware warning and quarantine from my NOD32 antivirus... seen below...



                          This may be something tacked on by Tucows.com in the form of an adware/malware installation making this particular XML:Wrench installation available as freeware, but it doesn't give me very much confidence about any XML:Wrench download.


                          Do you know of a freeware download for XML:Wrench that doesn't install adware or malware?





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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Interesting. I have had XML Wrench, which WAS freeware, when I downloaded it. I've got


                            As for the Preferences file, which version of Pr do you have - my memory always needs a refresher.


                            In later versions, the "trashing of Prefs" is done by holding down Shift+Ctrl (think that is rights, as it's Shift+Ctrl+Alt in PS), immediately (and I do mean "immediately") after launching, until the program has fully launched.


                            Also, the exact location of the Prefs file differs a bit by version. In my case, the Path = C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Adobe\Premiere Pro\[Version Number, and is called "Adobe Premiere Pro Prefs" with no file extension.


                            Good luck, and do not know what the deal with XML Wrench is. As with all downloads, I scan each executable file, prior to installation, and got zero hits.



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                              Where did you download XML:Wrench from?  That is the same version number ( as the new one on the malware laden Tucows.com site and also on the http://www.xmlwrench.com site, but on the xmlwrench.com site it says, "Download the demonstration version of XML:Wrench."


                              Also, there is no Adobe folder at the top of the AppData folder... there is Local, LocalLow and Roaming... the info on the Adobe site otherwise says there is a Premiere folder inside the Adobe folder at AppData>Roaming>Adobe, but there is no Premiere folder inside the Adobe folder in Windows 7. 


                              Info at http://blogs.adobe.com/genesisproject/2009/11/having_weird_behavior_with_an.html#comment-2 700 otherwise gives the Premiere prefs file path as UserFolder>Documents>Adobe>Premiere, but that is also incorrect.



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                                Apparently holding down Shift-Control while starting Premiere 6 does trash the prefs file... doing that made it open as if opening for the first time, asking for timeline choices... but unfortunately I still get the error message when trying to open my problem file... and the same error message when trying to import that project in to a new file.


                                Thanks anyway... let me know where you downloaded your XML:Wrench from if possible.



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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  I have had it for some years, and honestly have no clue, where I download it from.


                                  Now, Tucows is (or was) usually very good. Not sure what the deal is, but were I to get any warning messages from any download, I would be very wary.


                                  Wish that I could help more,



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                                    Thanks Bill... me too.


                                    After writing to Dennis Radeke on an Adobe.com blog about this and getting his very limited response, I wrote to him quoting something I read on the wiki page that you sent me the link to...


                                    Adobe blog:

                                    http://http://blogs.adobe.com/genesisproject/2009/11/having_weird_behavior_with_an.html#co mment-2701


                                    Wiki page link that you gave me:



                                    Here's what my response today was...


                                    Thanks for your reply DR.

                                    My old version of Premiere 6 works perfectly on Windows 7.  I’ve created over a thousand different Premiere project files on this 5 year-old PC that was updated to Windows 7 last year.

                                    All of my other Premiere 6 files open and maintain their original editability and all the features in this ancient version of Premiere work very well.


                                    I own and use mostly Mac machines but I have one 5 year-old PC with a 160 gig hard drive with Windows 7 that I run Premiere 6 on because it’s a thousand dollar program that I had from 10 years ago that I didn’t want to repurchase. Buying a newer PC 5 years ago was far less expensive than buying a new copy of Premiere.  Some people seem to think, “Wow, just buy a new version of the software for a thousand dollars and a new computer with a 5 Terabyte hard drive.”, but that isn’t always the reality of some peoples financial situation.


                                    With 20 gigs of open HD space, all of my previous, even more complex Premiere 6 files still open and edit just fine.  It is only this one file that I created Thursday that won’t re-open after closing it for the first time.  Since the backup copy of that file won’t open either, and all the support files open, play and work in other previous project files, I’m thinking that there is some glitch that happened when saving this file that is corrupting it now, making it unable to be re-opened.


                                    Based on prior advice on multiple topics about Premiere 6 from people on the Adobe forum who use only newer versions of Premiere, most information that applies to the brand new Premiere Pro CS5 still seems to apply to the old Premiere 6.


                                    I found that holding down Shift-Option while opening Premiere 6 trashes the preferences file. This became my work around since I can’t locate the preferences file based on your path noted (in your blog) nor via the other prefs file path published on the Adobe website.


                                    But unfortunately, trashing the prefs file, resetting the plugin cache file, increasing the virtual memory paging file size, importing the problem project file in to a new project, nor anything else is working to allow this file to open.

                                    Now I’m looking in to XML:Wrench to see if that can find the corruption in this file, but I’ve had a malware warning from one download source and the xmlwrench.com website says their download is only a demo version, but no price is listed… this seems somewhat strange and possibly deceptive.


                                    But I read something on an Premiere Pro wiki page , quoted below, at this URL, that seems to be pertinent, and though my version of Premiere may be ancient, it seems that, according to this user’s concerns, Adobe is still having problems with current versions of Adobe software creating corrupt files…


                                    “Can someone please advise – why on EARTH we should have to download XML Wrench and manually fix a corrupt Adobe project??? This is something common to all the Adobe “Support” forums on issues like this, and the many others that plague Adobe’s product (and I’m not being a mindless troll – I’ve been forced to use it for years so I do know the usability and other issues it has): it seems that people are excited because they’ve found a “fix” (which is more like a work-around) – purely because they’re understandably ecstatic that all their hard work isn’t comPLETEly lost.


                                    However, Adobe should be making sure their product isn’t so buggy! This issue should be fixed (as just one example). Adobe should be finding out what causes the corruption in the first place and fixing it. And whether it’s some other codec on the system that’s caused it is no excuse – their software should have better error management built into it. I’ve seen other issues where an Adobe support representative has happily replied: “oh, that’s a known issue since version [3 versions back] – don’t worry, most users are aware of the work around for it: just select and move all of the items in your timeline each time you open the project and you’ll be fine!”

                                    I’m sorry to rant on – but can some other users please explain the above to me? (i.e. why aren’t more people annoyed about this and complaining to Adobe to fix these things).”


                                    All of this coming from an experienced user of Adobe products complaining about needing XML:Wrench to fix corrupt Adobe files seems relevant.


                                    In addition, why does no one, including the Adobe knowledge base, have any info about what “An error occurred while loading your project. 10″ means?… why isn’t there a database that identifies Adobe error numbers by the simple number itself?  The only info I was able to find identifying “Error 10″ on the Adobe site was a software installation error, not a project loading error.


                                    Now I find myself chasing a clean download of XML:Wrench in order to hopefully fix this corrupt file.  Whether I’m using Premiere 6 on a 160 gig hard drive with 20 gigs of open space or Premiere Pro CS5 on a 5 Terabyte hard drive with 3 Terabytes of open space, the problems, according to other users, seem to be the same as ever with corrupt Adobe Premiere files, based on what I’ve been reading across the internet.

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                                      digiday Level 1

                                      Hi again Bill,


                                      I downloaded XML:Wrench directly from the xmlwrench.com website and it doesn't have any malware and it checks out fine.  Also, within the app, it says that there is no cost and it is apparently not just a demo version, though that's what it says below the download link.  Thanks for the reference to XML:Wrench.


                                      On the wiki page that you sent me the link for, I read info about how to check a Premiere file in XML:Wrench... it is quoted in the paragraph at the bottom of this post in bold italics.


                                      But after I successfully open my problem Premiere project file in XML:Wrench, then I go to 'Tools>Check Well Formed' as directed, but then I get a message from XML:Wrench that says...


                                      "Invalid at the top level of the document.




                                      I guess this means that it doesn't like the first line of code, which is [HEAD], as seen in the screenshot below.


                                      I'm wondering if you have or know of any further information about getting XML:Wrench to check a Premiere project file.


                                      Thanks for any further input.







                                      XML:Wrench info from wiki page...



                                      "The way that we discovered to fix a corrupt file (at least the ones we have found) is to use a freeware program called XML Wrench. Do a google search for it and download it.


                                      Use it to open the corrupt file.


                                      Go to the tools menu in XML Wrench and perform a 'Check is well formed'.


                                      It will find the errors, and you have to delete the corrupt info one error at a time. It took us about 20 minutes to fix one file.


                                      Usually you will find garbage data in between some XML fields like this <NAME>&$d.~</NAME>. We just had to delete the 'garbage' data, but we left the open and close tags (NAME /NAME)


                                      It is VERY important that once you fix all of the errors, when you save, do a : SAVE AS "(project name).prproj"


                                      IF you do not name the extension '.prproj' then Premiere wont recognize it."

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                                        Well, I found out from the creator of XML:Wrench, Nick Moon, who emailed me back a few times just now, that the old .ppj format Premiere 6 files are not XML code and therefore can't be checked with the 'Check Well Formed' function in XML:Wrench, though I was able to successfully open the file and see the over 354,000 lines of code.


                                        So I guess XML:Wrench is actually of no use in this situation.


                                        Thanks again though, Bill and John, for your continued help.



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                                          Thank you for that feedback. Never having an issue with Pr 6.5 PPJ format (heck, I could not even remember what the extension was, and as I was working with Mac Pr 6.5 Projects, I had to add the extension, as they did not appear on the Mac), I did not recall a limitation with XML Wrench. Good to know, and I will try to remember this info.


                                          Wish that I had some way to clear any corruption, but I am out of ideas.


                                          Good luck,



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                                            the solution is to upgrade to premiere 6.5 or 7.

                                            i had the same problem and after upgrading to 6.5, everything is open as it should without this error.

                                            i found the solution in this link

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                                              Hi menashemo,


                                              That's funny... I had found that same forum post at your link back when I was looking for this solution.


                                              But where did you find Premiere 6.5?


                                              Also, I've seen there are still reports and questions about the same or similar error messages coming from newer versions of Premiere, all the way up to today's version.