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    import jpeg orientation and size problems

    nefl777 Level 1

      Hi Guys, I double checked all over for the answers but I must be missing something.


      I have a batch of JPGs that I want to import. I've encountered two problems and/or things not coming in as expected.


      1. the size is huge compared to the window in program viewer. here's an example. See where the white line is showing the size of the photo.  The photo is about 3MB and I have clicked on "scale to frame size" as a default.


      Screen shot 2011-12-10 at 1.22.05 PM.png


      2. Jpgs that are "portrait" orientation are imported as landscape (and also too large for the viewer)  the "scale to frame size" again is a default.


      Screen shot 2011-12-10 at 1.22.31 PM.png


      Regarding the size issue, do I have to reduce these in size? I had some that were super small - like 150kb - and they were pixallated.  Now have I gone TOO large in size with these at 3-4 MB?


      thanks so much for any help!