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    Change color in dress from pink to red



      I've been trying for days to change the color of this light pink in a dress to red or maybe even green.  I'm trying to fix this for christmas cards.  Nobody can seem to help me get the color to look nice.  I've watched a ton of youtube video with no luck, it always looks neon in color.


      Please help! DSC_0069-copy2.jpg

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          Keli Douglas Helper

          The best way to do this is you have to cut out the dress.

          Copy the picture and make a new layer for it.

          Hide the background layer.

          Now you have to isolate that dress. Use the magic wand, erasers, what ever you can to cut out that dress. (Sorry I did not do a good job I have a meeting at 3pm)

          Use the colorize feature on the Hue/Sateration option and start changing the color.

          Use blending options, smudge tools, and soft erasers to give it a finished look.


          Picture 16.png

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            R_Kelly Mythic

            Another way is to select the dress with the quick selection tool (you can use refine edge to soften the edges of the selection) and then make a color fill layer using overlay, softlight, hue or color blend modes for the color fill layer.

            Each blend mode gives a different tone (look) to the color. Then paint on the layer mask to refine the areas that the quick selection tool may have missed.