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    Effects using Object Layer Options

    crizlo Level 1

      Under Object Layer Options I would love to be able to apply effects to individual layers. If I can view / turn "off" or "on" individuals layers, then why not be able to apply effects as well?


      For instance: say I have an image of an apple photographed on a white background, that includes a cast shadow, and I want to place that image on a colored background in InDesign. In Photoshop, I would build the file so the clipped apple is on layer 1. The cast shadow would be on layer 2 below.


      When placed in InDesign, and using Object Layer Options, it would be great if I could set layer 1 to "normal" and layer 2 to "multiply"... thus having only the cast shadow multiplied to the colored background.


      Currently my method would be to place the same apple image twice in InDesign (directly on top of each other). I then use Object Layer Options to hide the cast shadow on the top image and keep the object effect set at normal. For the bottom image, I set the entire image to multiply. I then group the two images together.


      Not a tedious task by any means, but having the ability to apply different layer effects to a single image would streamline the process.




      BTW: does Adobe review the Feature Requests posted in this forum, or only those posted using their wishform address?: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform.

      Just curious.