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    Indesign cs5 Crashes everytime i try to create a new document


      i'm on a mac, running OSX10.7.  No new software has been added since i loaded the CS Suite on my machine. in the last two weeks, Indesign has begun crashing everytime i try to make a new document. it will open older documents created in cs5 and earlier versions. when i try to create a new doc of any kind, the program quits... i usually fill out a report and send it, though i've gotten tired of doing this.  cs 3 still works, so i can create docs in that program for now, but that seems to be a bit of a ridiculous workaround.

      Anyone have any ideas? i've tried the 'SING' fix.. to no avail... I use these apps for work, so i don't have the luxury of lots of time to mess around with this....

      thanks for any help you can give me...