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    Is there a solution for Searching in Asian Pacific (double-byte) languages?


      RoboHelp HTML (RH9)


      I am using RoboHelp 9.0 to create online Help for our company's flagship software application. The project files are composed in English, and then the components, including topics, toc, glossary, etc. are translated into 21 languages. These languages compile without error, creating the appropirate Contents, Search and Favorites tabs.


      The problem I'm having is that the Search function does not work tor the Asian Pacific languages; e.g., Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Korean, Japanese, and Thai. The "No topics found" error message displays, instead of the Search results list. See example below.



      Can anyone help? I'm guessing there's a simple solution to this problem, but I'm not finding it in any of the forums or elsewhere online.