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    Denoiser Problem


      I've never used denoiser before on clips, but I started filtering some of my clips with the denoiser and Premiere CS5 has crashed 18 times (yep I'm counting).  Is there a fix to this or should I avoid this altogether?

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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          I never use it but....


          You might try nesting the clips that require 'Denoiser',

          and then only apply only a single iteration of the effect.

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            Skiibojosh Level 1

            What's a better alternative to denoiser?

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              joe bloe premiere Level 5

              What's a better alternative to denoiser?

              Probably... not using noisy video.


              But aside from that, I'd use After Effects for any real problem clips.

              You can find a lot of different tutorials online (some good, others not so much).

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                Stephen_Spider Level 3

                Obviously it shouldn't crash by applying a filter.


                Post your system specs.


                After applying the effect you can select the clip pull down menu: Audio Options>Render and replace.

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                  Skiibojosh Level 1

                  Hardware Overview:


                    Model Name:          Mac Pro

                    Model Identifier:          MacPro1,1

                    Processor Name:          Dual-Core Intel Xeon

                    Processor Speed:          2.66 GHz

                    Number Of Processors:          2

                    Total Number Of Cores:          4

                    L2 Cache (per processor):          4 MB

                    Memory:          4 GB

                    Bus Speed:          1.33 GHz

                    Boot ROM Version:          MP11.005D.B00



                  System Version:          Mac OS X 10.6.8 (10K549)


                  Adobe Premiere Pro CS5:


                    Version:          5.0.4

                    Last Modified:          5/4/11 10:11 PM

                    Kind:          Intel

                    64-Bit (Intel):          Yes

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                    Glitchdog Level 1

                    The denoiser filter is a known bug. I've reported it to Adobe and think others have too. We had the exact same problem (5.5.2). Many suggested using Audition, which is probably the best alternative, but we wanted to see if we could do it simply in PP. So we ended up using the EQ filter. Very basic, but it took a bit to learn how that particualar filter works. Just need to find the frequency of your noise and dial that out. Might be around 8k. All the best!