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    WebAssist Ecart & Super Suite: Pre-Purchase Questions

    Shippers Mall Level 1

      I am interested to purchase the Super Suite from Webassist. The eCart interested me first and then I saw that the Super Suite includes a lot more tools that seems that I would like. But I cant seem to get my questions answered. I caught them online with their website chat box one time. I ask if the eCart has drop shipping cababilities and first she didnt know what that was and then she said "yes". I ask her to email me a transcript of our chat and she said that she would. I never did get that email and I have not seen them online since then.


      Therefore; I joined their forum but I cant find my answers there either. I cant post a new question there because I dont have those privilages.


      I sent the Webassist.com customer service an email from their online email form with the subject line: Pre-Sale Questions and they have not replied. That was two days ago.


      My reason to purchase the eCart is; I have a ecommerce site that has approximently 2000 products if you include the attrubutes. It is old and getting many errors. The SF software I used to create that is obsolite. Lagarde Store Front 6.0. Had many problems and no designer will touch it now.


      My Pre Purchase Questions are:


      1. I am under the impression that Super Suite includes all your extensions into one bundle. Is Power Store incuded?
      2. Does Ecart come with a prepared database that I can upload to MySql 5 that is on my hosting providers site? (Applied Innovations) I do not own sql server.


      I have a store with about 2K products with attributes.

        1. I have CS4; is Super Suite the right software to handle a store with approx 2K products?
        2. Can I import the products into the Power Store or Ecart Database? (assuming it has a database) I have the products already in excel ready to import.
        3. Does it include importing tools and wizards


      Regarding Drop Shipping Cababilities

      1. I sell products that ship out of our facility and also my vender's facilities. Is your software capable of calculating cost on orders that originate from multiple zip codes? Explain please: I cant find anything about that on their forum or website?


      Any help will be appreciated... At this point, I am pretty tired to find answers and I havent yet purshased the software.