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    Recording audio level in Sound control panel resets after each slide


      This has been a HUGE problem for me ever since I went from Windows XP to Windows 7 and Captivate 5.5.  Basically, the sound was not recording loudly enough no matter what I did.  So, I checked the Sound Control Panel and the Level was down to 12.  Of course, I adjusted it to 100.  It would stay at 100 for just one recording.  As soon as I hit the red recording button a second time, Captivate readjusts it back down to 12. 


      Now, you might think that this has something to do with my hardware device.  Think again.  I tried numerous hardware devices -- it did not matter which device I used -- the problem remained the same.  You might also think that it is not a Captivate problem, but how do you explain that the problem does not exist when I record audio in any other program -- Lectora, Articulate, Windows Audio recorder?  It ONLY occurs with Captivate.


      So, I finally got an Adobe Support person on the phone ...  somewhere way down in TIMBUCKTOO -- of course!  And of course, he could not help me or explain why this is happening and tried to blame it on anything except Captivate.  This has added 6-7 keystrokes to every slide I have to record....  and drastically impacted productivity.


      Is anybody listening out there?  Because I'm pulling my hair out and ready to dump Captivate!