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    How Do I Roll Back ACR 6.6 to ACR 6.5?

    jimsup33 Level 1

      I have a Window 7 PC and other than uninstalling and reinstalling my entire Creative Suite, I cannot see how to just uninstall the update (ACR 6.6) that renders me unable to access my Canon 5D Mark II RAW files.  Any suggestions?


      Everything worked fine until ACR 6.6 install just now on Windows 7 machine (CS 5 Production Premium). Bridge/Photoshop can no longer read my Canon 5D Mark II RAW files, but work fine with older Canon camera RAW files, TIF's, jpegs. How do I uninstall just ACR 6.6 and reinstall ACR 6.5 without doing anything else? Thanks.

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          b2martin_a Level 2

          I have Photoshop CS5 on a Windows 7 Professional 64 bit PC and did this by replacing the Camera Raw.8bi file for both the 32 bit and 64 bit paths.  I copied the Camera Raw.8bi files from my laptop, which still had ACR 6.5 installed.  I did this when I installed ACR 6.6 Release Candidate and have since installed ACR 6.6 without any issues, but I am using Nikon RAW files. 


          The Camera Raw.8bi files have the same name in the 64 bit and 32 bit path, but they are different so make sure you get them in the correct place.  The Camera Raw.8bi file in the 64 bit location is larger in size. 


          If you are using any version 4 profiles, they will not work properly with ACR 6.5.  I believe they are only for the D3, D300, D300S, and D700, so you should not have issue with your Canon.

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            ACR is a plug in that can be installed and updated independently of Photoshop.  Just make sure you delete 6.6, and then install whatever version you want.  Also, make sure that you only have one version of ACR on your computer.  In Photoshop go to Help/About Plug In/Camera Raw and make sure that only one version is listed.

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              jimsup33 Level 1

              Great answers, thanks.  Can I get a little more detail?  Exactly how does one completely uninstall ACR 6.6? If I can do this step, than I can reinstall ACR 6.5. Thank you so much!


              (BTW in my Photoshop Help/About Plug In - there is now no Camera RAW displayed.  A reinstall (without performing any uninstall) of ACR 6.6 states that it was successful.  Same no read of Canon 5D Mark II RAW files.  An attempt to install ACR 6.5 over 6.6 (no uninstall because I don't know how) states failed.  Completely uninstalled Photoshop and reinstalled and Photoshop still states the RAW file is wrong type.  However, note I am using CS5 Production Suite Premium - so probably need to uninstall entire Suite, but I am not confident this will wipe all of ACR, plus I would rather not wipe the rest of my third party plugins.)

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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Go to the folder where the plug in is located.  I'm not going to bother to find the path, you can search using one of your search features to find it.  When you find the file, simply delete it.  There are no registry entries associated with the plug in.  It is simply a file on your computer.

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                  jimsup33 Level 1

                  Thanks. For some reason, I had difficulty finding the file.  The correct path for those following in my footsteps is: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CS5\File Formats and the file name is "Camera Raw.8bi" (and also second file in C:\Program Files(x86) )


                  So now I should be able to drop in the ACR 6.5 Camera Raw.8bi file and everything should work.  Where can I get just that file? 


                  I downloaded the ACR 6.5 Update from Adobe (which the executable is significantly larger than the 8bi file) and ran that install - but it fails.  (ACR 6.6 Update successfully executes).

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                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    You have already got the file.  The installation should have put the 8bi in the appropriate folder, and you should be good to go.  There are other things in that executable such as lens and camera profiles.  So I don't have any additional help to offer you.

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                      b2martin_a Level 2

                      The two paths you listed are the same as I have for Photoshop CS5 on my Windows 7 Professional 64 bit PC.  I had Photoshop CS5 installed on my Laptop which has the same operating system as my desktop and I just copied the ACR 6.5 Camera Raw.8bi file from the Program Files and Program Files(x86) File Format paths and pasted them in the same location for my desktop.  The desktop then had ACR 6.5 instead of ACR 6.6 Release Candidate. 


                      I read a post somewhere where someone extracted the Camera Raw.8bi files from the "Camera_Raw_6_5_Updater" you download from Adobe.  The files are is two folders "Assets 2_1.zip" that are in a "Payloads" folder in the Updater folder. 


                      Camera_Raw_6_5_Updater  >  Payloads  >  The two top folders have "Assets2_1.zip folders (one folder has x64 in the name and the other does not and is the (x86)).  Copy the Asset2_1.zip folders to two different folders (one for the Program Files path and other for the Program Files(x86) path).  These are zip files, so right click on them and extract all  file.  The extracted file is named 1002 and 1003 - these need to be in different folders because you are going to rename them to CameraRaw.8bi - do this by right click and rename.  The larger of the two goes in the Program Files path the other in the Program Files(x86) path. 


                      I did not do this since I could just copy from my other computer - Hope is works for you.

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                        jimsup33 Level 1

                        Thanks b2martin_a!  This is exactly the information I needed and works perfectly!


                        As a side note - I was concurrently on with Adobe Support Chat and Adobe reps (3 separate chats including with "senior representative") advised me that ACR 6.6 does not support Canon 5D Mark II RAW files (incorrect), advised me that it was not possible to roll back just ACR 6.6, had me uninstall and reinstall Photoshop (which does not remove ACR), and had me create a new Administrator account, download and install Adobe Application Manager 2.0.  The result of all that (which didn't help ACR 6.6 recognize my files) was that I gave up and uninstalled complete CS5 Suite in order to reinstall.  At that point the Installer on my original disks failed to load properly (go figure?) whereas it had loaded properly just prior to installing Adobe Application Manager 2.0.  There is no readily apparent means to uninstall Adobe Application Manager 2.0.  At this point, I gave up and simply restored my complete C drive (Norton Ghost) to the point prior to the ACR 6.6 install. Then tested b2martin_a's fix after applying update just to prove it could be done.  My friend's CS5 w ACR 6.6 update on Windows 7 Home 64 reads Canon 5D Mark II RAW files properly.  I install software from an Administrative account and run from a Standard account. Thanks again.

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                          Alexey Ozerov Level 1

                          2 b2martin_a - thanks a lot from me too - You just saved time for me - that I could spend to process new foto - not for reinstalling CS5 at all.

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                            b2martin_a Level 2

                            Glad to hear that it worked for both of you.  I had the same problem when I installed ACR 6.6 Release Candidate and found it had a problem relative to using Actions to process RAW files.  I ask the same question you did, but did not get any answers.  I then realized I had not updated my laptop, so it was easy to just copy the correct Camera Raw 6.5 file and replace it on the computer I updated to ACR 6.6RC.  Before Adobe had the installer for updates, this is the method used to update Camera Raw.  They use the updater now because there is more to update than just the Raw converter - camera profiles, lens correction, etc.   I was sure the Camera Raw file was somewhere in the Camera Raw Updater, so just started searching.  I also knew the exact file size of the Camera RAW file, so this made it easier. 

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                              Noel Carboni Level 8

                              Depending on what restore points and backups you have on hand, you may be able to go to the folders containing the plug-ins, right-click on the files, choose Properties, then use the Previous Versions tab to restore an older version...  It's been a Windows feature for a while now...







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