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    Media Always Pending...

    Toomany3 Level 1

      Hope you can help me.  I have 1 month into a project and now that I'm ready to send it out to the TV networks, I keep getting this error when opening the project:



      Then 95% of my footage never loads (even though the status thing in the bottom left says all media is loaded).  My completed timeline looks like this now, and I can't see any of my video in the playback monitor:



      And the one sequence that DOES show I have some video, only half of the clips are available.  This is what one of my multicam sequences looks like:




      All my audio is intact and is playable, but I can't see the video in my program monitor.


      Hmm... Just noticed this.  Is this a clue?  I cannot get playback through my program monitor, but if I turn the multicam monitor panel on, even if MC is NOT enabled, I can watch it in the MC window.  Here's two shots of the same place in time (CTI) with 1) the MC monitor, and 2) the program monitor.





      Premiere crashed before this happened and gave me the chance to save a backup copy, if I remember right.  When I reopened it, then this is when everythign went pending. 


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I've already tried importing the project into a new project without any luck.

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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          Were I in a similar situation, I would be tempted to try unlinking all of the original media

          in the project then deleting all of the media cache and database files (via explorer),

          opening the project, relinking all media and allowing the cache and database to re-generate.

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            Toomany3 Level 1

            Thanks. Yeah, I've tried that and it DOES come back, but just for that session.  Then if I save and reopen, then I get the same error message [..\.\Src\Clip\MasterClip.cpp-2892] and then a lot of the clips just stay pending and never come back.

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              joe bloe premiere Level 5

              Next, I would try relocating the cache and database to a different physical drive...

              eliminate the possibility of a corrupted disk.

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                Were you ever able to solve this problem? I'm getting the same error message and seeing the same symptoms, and I'm also working in multicam sequences. It appeared for me one day after I imported a previous version of a sequence from an old version of my project file into the current project file. If I fix it, it only lasts for that session, and then I'm back in the same place the next day. I can fix it temporarily by importing the sequence into a new project file, but from there I can't use the Project Manager to make a new version of it. I just get that same error message ending in -2892.

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                  I found that just relinking all the media solved the problem just fine. (CS5.5)

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                    Toomany3 Level 1

                    Nope.  No matter what I did with that project it would always break.  I ended up having to render out the the parts that were giving me grief thus baking in my cuts.  A major pain since this project wasn't one that could be cut in one day.  It was a 3-week cut, so we had to allocate one computer to never shut down, never close Premiere and edit that program from there exclusively.  Royal pain.    

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                      zachmull Level 1

                      Thaks for the update. I had to give up too. I only lost one sequence, and it was only a couple days worth of work, so it wasn't nearly as bad as your situation. I'd be interested to hear about it if anyone finds a solution to this error.

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                        westonwoodbury Level 1

                        Here's another thread with the same error, I think.




                        I found that I just have to disable, then enable, the "media pending" stuff, and it comes right back.  And the problem comes back everytime the project is closed.  So you can set all your enabled clips to a group, or a color label, if you want, to make it easy to select them all and enable/disable it everytime you open...


                        What a bug.  Hope this is addressed soon! 



                        "We hates it!"



                        - wb

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                          Did you ever find a solution?


                          I have all of the media visible and playable (I can hear it) but it still says Media Pending and won't let me export!!!! Help!!!premiere-pro-media-pending.jpg


                          And It's happening in multiple projects.




                          This second project won't even load the little previews, but like you said with multi-cam - when in multi-cam mode it plays and views fine!
                          have a project (well multiple I need to work on) but one in particular I need for tomorrow and NO WHERE does it seem people have an answer posted!


                          What's the solution?


                          Neither AME or PP can export footage and I