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    perspective blend


      Hi ama

      zing scripters,


      Here is a thing I would like for long time.  A perspective blend. Distributing lines at 90 degrees on a  line ( aa spine) with a logarithmic reduction of the space in between.


      The script would ask how many lines (divisions) the user want an put anchors points accordingly in a perspective way.

      Then it would trace lines at 90 degrees with the spine direction at every anchors.


      The user could use the blend tool after and the scale tool..

      Ignore the red grafittis on top left.


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          J4e8a16n Level 1

          Graffitis on the top right.

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            JETalmage Level 6

            You don't even need a script for that.


            1. Ellipse tool: Draw an ellipse.

            2. Line Tool: Draw a vertical line.

            3. Copy. PasteInFront.

            4. Select both lines. Object>Blend>Make.

            5. Add the ellipse to the selection. Object>Blend>Replace Spine. Make sure the Blend Options is set to Align to Page, not Align to Path.



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              J4e8a16n Level 1

              Thank you :-)

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                Muppet Mark-QAl63s Level 4

                I think the point is more how to do this kind of thing via script as you have NO access to any of those methods…

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                  J4e8a16n Level 1



                  I thought that if you can squarify a rectangle, or add points to a path, you could also add lines  at 90 degrees to a path.

                  I am not a programmer but log are in javascript.


                  Calculate the length of a horizontal path.

                  Add x points to it at log x, log y, log z, etc

                  Take theese points coordinates as the middle portions of vertical paths ( ask for the length or take the lenght of the horizontal path as defaut) intersecting them at 90 degrees.


                  Well, :-) , something like that. Maybe, I am making a fool of myself.

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                    Brilliant, logarithmic blends in illustrator! Thanks guys.


                    Here's image that describes JETalmage's solution:


                    logarithmic blend - illustrator.png




                    1. Create two lines, then use the blend tool to blend between. After making the blend, (with the blended "thing" still selcted) double click on the blend tool to bring up the blend options, and set the drop down to "specified steps".

                    2. Draw a curve. Now select the blend "thing" and the curve, so everything is selected.

                    3. From the main menu: Object>Blend>Replace Spine, which will replace the standard straight line normally used in a blend "thing" with your new curve.