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    LR 3.6RC vs. LR 3.6 /w D700 Camera Profiles v4

    Bert Nase Level 1

      I used the LR 3.6RC on Mac to develop a whole session using the Camera Profiles v4 that came with 3.6RC. The behaviour was a bit strange as the images got "lighter" the more you move the "Wiederherstellungs-Regler"  (is that recovery control in the english version?) to the right. Anyhow, I developed some hundred images using LR3.6RC /w Camera Profiles v4 and after I installed the regular 3.6 now all images that have been done with 3.6RC are now too dark (and much too dark!). That means I have to go through all images to re-develop them?


      You can see an example here: left is how it looks in (also devel here) 3.6RC1, right is how it looks now in 3.6