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    Flash website SEO??

    tonnyd Level 1

      I am looking around and got many opinion that flash website are so heavy to load and not for SEO also.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Flash sites are no heavier than any other site showing the same content

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            yachts99 Level 1

            ...and as for SEO here is a statment from Google over three years old.



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              flashgerdk Level 1

              It is possible to search engine optimize Flash sites.


              I´ll recommend you to read this book by Todd Perkins.



              Best regards

              Kristian Kristensen

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                Cyboide Level 3

                A flash website using deeplinking coupled with a complete HTML alternate version (also for mobiles by the way) cancels any flash-not-good-for-seo arguments, I know that from experience, and many other professionnals knows that too.


                Deeplinking is when you have "#next-page.html" appearing in the address bar when you navigate in the flash website. And technicaly it also removes the undesirable "rebound" effect which Google considers in his parameters (a "rebound" is when a user arrives at your site, but then goes away without going to another page of your website).



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                  Dogger26 Level 1

                  Cyboide is correct regarding the SEO aspects- however it should be remembered the bulk of SEO efforts are off-site.

                  As for the first part of the original question- the only flash sites that are slow to load in general are poorly constructed ones.



                  Big Orange Planet

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                    pablomajid Level 1

                    The common belief is that because search engines don't index the content within a Flash website properly, the technology doesn't mix with SEO.

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                      LeaDesign Level 1

                      Hey Ned.


                      Im hoping for some advice. I have to update an old flash site (I did not design it) that was originaly given to me as an Application,and converted to a FLA file by me. Im a Graphic Designer, and dont know much about code, but Ive figured out this particular file uses ActionScript2 and that it has all its original coding in tact, put there by the original designer.


                      The problem is:

                      Since the Application was converted to FLA, the navigation buttons etc dont work anymore, even though the buttons all have actions assigned to them. The updates Im supposed to do are simple things like deleting the sound control buttons that will no longer be used

                      and some text. - But as soon as its exported to SWF file, it stops working.... Im using Flash CS5 for the record


                      Please could you give me some advice here?

                      Ive been struggling for days....

                      Thank you

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                        adninjastrator Level 4

                        In this day and age of mobile devices, you MUST provide complete alternate navigation as well as content if you are at all concerned about SEO or mobile device compatability.

                        For your review...and it's a article I wrote a couple years ago... even more to the point now.

                        If you think that Flash is somehow bad for SEO, it's time to dispell that MYTH!
                        If fact, in some circumstances I'll use Flash INSTEAD of just HTML because then I'll have better SEO than with just HTML alone.


                        The link to World Barefoot Center in the above post is just one example. View the source code and you see a couple paragraphs of text along with regular HTML links.... but what displays is the Flash version of the image and Flash links.
                        The client provided the artwork for the page... and that's what they wanted to use a .jpg image. Well yes, that could be done in HTML but it would be virtually invisible to Google. So Instead I converted the image into a Flash .swf and used swfobject to display the Flash. swfobject allows you to create alternate content inside the <div> which also holds the Flash .swf, then when the page is loaded it detects if the browser has the Flash pluggin. If it does, it displays just the Flash content, if not, it displays the alternate content. Since almost everyone has the Flash pluggin, for most people the Flash version of the <div> will display.
                        The alternate content for that <div> can be any regular HTML text, images, media player, links, etc., anything that you would use if you were not using the Flash. Now the best part is that the alternate content can be "over the top" as far as optimizing for SEO, since it will not be seen by most viewers.
                        Here's another example of SEO with Flash.. again, the page is just a single image provided by the client:
                        View the source code. The alt content is paragraph after paragraph of information about the site, including lists and links. If it was just the HTML, it might be kind of a boring Home page. But for SEO I can go "over the top" in promoting the site, since most viewers will never see that part... but it's all indexed by search engines. The end result is BETTER SEO using Flash than just HTML.
                        On another Web site, a Flash video is displayed, the alt content is the complete text narration of the video. Now how many people would take the time to read that if they could just watch the video instead?? again, better SEO with Flash than without. In fact in one case we had first page search result from that video narration within 4 hours of posting the page.
                        On still another site with a Flash video, the alt content is another video, but a .mov version, which will, in effect play Flash video on the iPhone (not possible you say??). Well since the iPhone does not have Flash pluggin, it simply displays the .mov version of the video, while everyione else sees the Flash version.
                        So anyway, if Flash is a part of your Web development, you should look into using swfobject and alternate content.
                        Best wishes,
                        Eye for Video


                        Best wishes,


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                          mohan5070 Level 1

                          Really flash technology is not useful for website when you sincerely considering seo. Basically bot takes much time to crawl it..even it takes time to load..My opinion on this topic is "No flash" for good seo result.


                          SEO analyst

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                            Cyboide Level 3

                            Hi mohan,


                            What we are basicaly saying from experience on this post is that Flash, in regards of SEO, is considered as "ignored", all SEO efforts left to the alternate HTML version, just like regular HTML-only websites.

                            Of course you are right when you say Flash technology is not usefull for SEO, for one would not use Flash expressly for SEO. (Except for some people, apparently, like a part of the usual copy-pasted answer of Mr Adninjastrator seems to claim, if I read him well.)

                            Regarding the time it takes to load, in principle a Flash website is not heavier than a HTML website, depending on how it was made (that's the difference). For example, very modern Flash 3D websites are usualy quite heavy, yes, but even in such cases, a well made one has a first "master" file which is very light. If you are thinking about Flash "banners" in a HTML website, well, this is like any other assets to load, some banners heavier than others.



                            Design Cyboïde

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                              anshulden Level 1

                              Search engine dont crawl into flash content, basically they won't give preference to the flash contents.



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                                ram babu Level 1

                                tonnyd wrote:


                                I am looking around and got many opinion that flash website are so heavy to load and not for SEO also.

                                hi tonnyd, i would like to tell you that Google doesn't crawl flash at all right now as well, it does crawl only the content being stick with it , as Google said " textual content in Flash files of all kinds, from Flash menus, buttons and banners, to self-contained Flash websites"


                                I hope you got how they bring this sort of materials as well to index in the SERP listings.

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                                  obxwebdesignerDOTcom Level 1

                                  Search Engines are bots/spiders are bascially programs without eyes! They can't see images!_.jpg and they DON'T rank flash files_.swf (well) because they can't distiquish what they see.


                                  If your familar with SEO when it comes to images you know that a googlebot will only know what it is based off what you label in the ALT tag.

                                  Same holds true for flash files. So, if you're going to build your entire website in flash, you're putting all your eggs in one basket when it comes to "telling google" what your website is ALL about.


                                  However -- Using Flash complemented with XML script and actionscript ~ Used within a HTML website would improve your website score.

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                                    smartseo123 Level 1

                                    Websites that are designed using Flash are certainly nice to look at, but when it all boils down to it, these sites are simply not up to par in terms of SEO. This means that although they may contain dynamic images and eye-catching graphics, they do virtually nothing for positive ranking.


                                    [link removed]


                                    Flash Affects Website Performance – All those pretty images may look nice on your page, but because they take significantly more time to load, they can have a negative impact on how your website performs. Not only will this tell the search engines that your site isn’t worth ranking, but it will likely result in a high bounce rate because visitors will quickly get frustrated and move on.


                                    Flash Cannot be Read by Web Crawlers – If you put your keywords into a Flash image, they cannot be read and subsequently indexed by the search engine crawlers, rendering them essentially useless. If you sacrifice important keyword-rich titles and headlines for something prettier in design, you simply won’t get the results you’re after.