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    Cannot contact Reliable Source IE9 Norton


      Every security setting is turned to its lowest setting on IE9.  Every single Norton setting is turned off, every one.  No file scanning is taking place.


      Nevertheless, the scroll bar goes to 12%, sits there, looks stupid, and then the message appears "Cannot contact reliable source".


      I set Norton to recognize the file as a trusted file.  No difference.


      Is Adobe deciding to make these downloads impossibly difficult as a business strategy?  Never in my decades of using computers (I've been doing so since 1972) have I encountered such a ridiculous procedure.


      And I'm supposed to pay $39 for stupidty?  Why, as far as I'm concerned, Adobe should be fined for the idiocy it is doing to its customers.  Even having to close the browser at the right time (I never get that far) is the dumbest procedure I've ever seen.  Or is this part of a strategy to sell Macs?