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    Motocross template help


      Hey everyone,

      im trying to design some motocross graphics in illustrator but I dont know how to get the logo to fit to the template. Ive tried asking a couple people and on a couple websites but nobody seems to answer me and any help would be greatly appreciated.




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          John Danek Champion

          It's going to be difficult to make any recommendations without knowing the file structure and what it is, specifically, you want to achieve.  But, if everything is vector ( which would make sense ), then there are a few different ways to manipulate the artwork to 'fit" the template.  Even if everything is bitmap, there are still a few things you can try.  One that comes to mind is scaling the image to fit the template.  It could also be a simple matter of "moving" the artwork into the center of the template.  Any overlaps you will not have to worry about ( except where they overlap ) because you'll end up wrapping the print onto the motocross piece.