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    Merge to PDF

    Viper 66

      Hi All


      We have a word 2007 document mail merged template which we want to create a number of PDF documents from. We have manged to use the "Merge to PDF" option to create the requird PDF files but for some reason a number of embedded fonts are not being embedded.

      If we choose the option to save to pdf from the Word toolbar this works fine apart from the fact we now have one massive PDF document rather than individual files as required.


      Within the Adobe Distiller printer driver options we are choosing the following standard for the output file as this is a requirement for our local printers to be able to print the produced PDF files correctly. We cannot understand what in different in the output process in Adobe to be creating this problem.


      adobe settings.jpg


      Any help or ideas to why this happening would be appreciated

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          Daniel Flavin Level 4

          Clear the Rely On Sytem Fonts only button.

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            Viper 66 Level 1

            Hi Daniel


            Thanks for coming back quickly.


            That didn't work I'm afraid, only 1 font has "embedded subset" in brackets after the name which we had before. We need all the fonts in the document to have this and that only happens if we choose the Save AS PDF option in Word.


            Any more ideas

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              Daniel Flavin Level 4

              Please confirm a couple things.

              You are Printing to the Adobe PDF Printer and not using the Acrobat button in Word?

              You are using the PDF/X-1a preset shown. (This can be set as the default in the PDF Printer properties (from control panel) and/or be selected from the Properties tab in the print dialog).


              The Standard preset option dictates that some fonts are never embedded, the PDF/X-1a preset dictates that all fonts be embedded. (From the edit button next to the preset, you could dig down to the fonts tab and see the fonts handling for the presets) Exception, some fonts prohibit font embedding, typically those obtained from Internet Free Font sites.


              Can you post a shot of the pdf properties dialog showing the fonts tab?

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                Viper 66 Level 1



                To confirm


                I'm using the Merge to PDF option within the Word 2007 Mailing Tab on the Word 2007 toolbar(see screen shot). I understand this works in conjunction with Adobe PDF printer

                Yes I'm using the PDF/X-1a preset as per my screen shot


                Please see screen shot of the font properties for the PDF file in question



                Word Menu option used to create PDF files

                word 2007 shot.png


                Hope this helps

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                  Daniel Flavin Level 4

                  all of those fonts look to be set to never embed in the pdf standard option.

                  I have just replicated the problem...Merge to pdf doesn't seem to allow setting the pdf properties...

                  Well there's a surprise...Word ignored everything I tried.

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                    Viper 66 Level 1

                    So basically we knackerd


                    Please don't tell me I'm going to have to find another product apart from Acrobat Pro or is it Word 2007 ????

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                      Daniel Flavin Level 4

                      This is out of my level here, but I'm thinking Batch Process. You can open each merged pdf, Preflight > Fixup > Embed Fonts > Close.

                      I've not had occasion to batch, but this is about as simple as one might get.


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                        Daniel Flavin Level 4

                        Advanced > Document Processing > Batch Processing

                        New sequence {enter name}

                        Select Commands > Preflight > Preflight > Add

                        Highlight Preflight in the Righthand Pane > Edit

                        From that resultant Preflight Batch Sequence Setup - Run Preflight Check Using drop down menu > Embed Fonts > Save

                        Ok, Ok, Ok >

                        The Batch Sequence dialog should still be open, choose your new embed fonts fixup > Run Sequence



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                          Viper 66 Level 1

                          OK, Thanks for all your help

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                            CtDave Level 5

                            Just a couple of thoughts on the problem.


                            Using the "Merge to PDF" button evokes PDFMaker not the Adobe Printer. 

                            (Open a new Word document, From "Mailings", click the Merge button. Not being set up for a mail merge will evoke a dialog. Last item in this dialog identifies use of PDFMaker.)

                            So the Preference configuration of PDFMaker is were the desired Distiller job option needs to be set.


                            The font set associated with characters coming from the data source may be a variable.

                            Is it a font set that can be embedded?


                            Be well...

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                              i have office 2010, and i can not figure out how to add the "merge to pdf" button?


                              i have adobe 8 pro installed on machine also?


                              any ideas?

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                                try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                It's not available in Acrobat 8. You need to upgrade to the latest version.


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